10 reasons to shop online for paint
Thinking your room could use a fresh lick of paint but not keen to jump down the endless rabbit hole of swatches, trips to the big green shed, and the guaranteed decision fatigue that comes with looking at way too many variations of white? We're here to help!
We’ve all been there. Walls in need of a fresh lick of paint — what’s not to love about the idea of a freshen up? Find out how we've made it easy for home renovators & DIYers to get rolling. Let us take the pain out of painting, so you can start (and finish) that room-refresh. Here are 10 reasons to shop online for your next paint purchase.
1. Our curated colour collection of 71 hues just work.
We've done all the hardware store repeat visits and open-mouth gaping at 5000 colours for you. The result is a perfectly edited colour collection (click here to explore the range) that you can be sure ticks every box – from the classics to the contemporary, something you and the next inhabitant will love. (P.S. Try our app’s Tinter feature to find your colour crush)
2. Try before you apply!
Ditch the messy sample pots. Our large Sample Stickers are formulated with our paint, so you can see what two dried coats will look like in your space. Totally wall-friendly, you can stick, peel and move them around.

And then there’s the Tint App, with mind-bending Augmented Reality for instant visualisations on your own walls. It’ll show you the colour with changing daily light conditions – and bend your mind towards an easy decision.
3. We’re powered by technology.
Keen on a totally custom colour? It’s yours! Pico is our magical pocket-sized colour reader that you can use to snap any hue you love to instantly make it yours. Pair it up with Tint App, virtually paint your walls, get it mixed and dispatched the very same day. Time-saving tech is the name of our game, so our colour factory (run on renewables BTW) is at your service, long before the weekend sausages start sizzling.
4. Save time and money.
Tint exists online because we’ve done the heavy lifting so you won’t have to break the bank (or your back) when picking up premium quality paint. No other brand comes close to matching our price and quality because none of them sell direct to you online. Every dollar counts when undertaking a reno, big or small. Did you know that coloured or brighter hues are often priced higher than neutral colours? Because this makes absolutely zero sense, all our paint is at one affordable price.
5. Avoid traffic & expensive physio bills.
Ever tried lugging 50kgs of paint and accessories to your car? We have... and it sucks. Don’t splash cash at the physio when you can keep it in your pocket. Get your Tint paints express delivered, with same-day dispatch straight to your doorstep.
6. Get a helping hand whenever you need it.
After colour inspo, application advice or just a friendly chat? Get around our dedicated Colour Crew, whose job it is to talk about paint until the cows come home. Keen to chat? Hit up our Help Centre for a virtual convo or send an email to help@tintpaint.com.au. There’s also a range of handy how-to guides on our website to help you along the way. And like we said, try on all the colours with Tint App before you buy.
7. Everything you need in one easy place.
Are all those different brushes, rollers and doodads really useful? Only for the big guys’ bottom line. Forget the overwhelming aisles — our neat accessories selection is specifically designed to help you DIY like a pro. Accessory kits include only what you need in one handy, reusable and resealable bag. You’re welcome.
8. Get design inspiration from fellow Tinters.
Whether you want to get ideas or show off a project of your own (why shouldn’t you bask in all the glory of your freshly painted wall?!), there’s a buzzing community of keen Tinters out there, who are getting their DIY on just like you. We share a whole heap of amazing DIY projects on our social feed, stories and website. Check out @tint.paint and flick us a follow to get amongst some seriously colourful vibes.
9. Take the time to find your perfect colour.
Take your time online and scroll at your own pace to find your perfect paint — without any pressure or pandemic risks.
10. Backed by a LIFETIME warranty and a whole lotta good stuff!
If you still need convincing that shopping online for your next paint job is the way to go, we also offer a lifetime warranty on all paint. Not only premium quality, but it’s also vegan (yes, vegan paint is a thing), super low odour – no need to stay at the in-laws’! – and 99% free from air-polluting VOCs. You’ve got this. Time to shop, drop and roll.
Hope you enjoyed the read! Now that you're out of reasons not to shop paint online — head to our colour page and explore the full range.