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Includes our core collection of 71 curated colours plus a few custom tints.
Available in Sample Stickers
Pale dusty green
Warm greige
Deep grey-green
Warm light beige
Deep warm tan
Clean bright white
Deep grey with a hint of green
Muted blush pink
Cool classic blue
Clean pale pink
Deep burgundy
Pale greyish blue
Bright warm red
Soft green
Muted pistachio green
Warm off-white
Dark blue with a hint of green
Deep warm purple
Warm grey
A Feel Good blue
Neutral mid grey
Dark navy
Lively baby pink
Swap out the sample pots
Try mess-free Tint sample stickers on your walls for an instant swatch. Gentle adhesive lets you reposition over and over without harming your walls.
Deep earthy beige
Light greige
Dusty warm lilac
Deep green with blue undertones
Cool dusty blue
Light beige with a hint of khaki
Deep dusty pink
Dark grey-brown
Earthy red with orange undertones
Warm light grey
Dusty blue-green
Bright peachy orange
Name says it all
Cool white
Mid greige
Soft lilac with a hint of grey
Clean light blue
Clean pale peach
Deep mustard yellow
Dark brown
Deep terracotta
Muted warm blue
Pure black
Deep green with grey undertones
Colour freedom at your fingertips
Can't see the exact Tint you're after? Create your own custom colour with Pico and we'll mix it for you.
Create your own
Warm white
Very light greige
Warm mid green
Dusty pink
Cool mid grey
Vibrant deep teal
Dark earthy green
Deep taupe
Pinkish lilac
Deep greyish blue
Muted olive green
Bright warm yellow
Mid blue-green
Dusty mid blue
Pale citrus yellow
Deep warm pink
Warm deep grey
Soft black
Warm beige
Vibrant minty green
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