2022 Trend Report - Biophilic
Bring the outside in with Biophilic design
One of the biggest trends for 2022 is heavily rooted (pun not intended) in the need to bring the outside world in. Meet Biophilic design.
Translating literally as ‘love of living things’, this design trend is all about bringing the outside in and adding living elements to your space.
By bringing elements of nature into your home you can create an effective connection to the outdoors, while inside.
To achieve this look in your home:
Declutter your spaces and use as much natural light as possible
Add direct nature with indoor plants. Devil's Ivy is a great option and will actually help absorb household toxins and purify the air.
Bring indirect nature through with your home finishes. Natural timbers and stones will open your tactile senses, while your paint choices can add warmth. We recommend warm whites, muted sky blues and accents of painted green walls to enrich the space and layer the look.
Embrace your wild side and try the Biophilic trend.