5 simple DIY projects using a 1L
At Tint, we know that a fresh pop of colour can lift a space like nothing else. We’ve put together a list of the best weekend crafts that are small on can-size but big on creativity!
Our 1 litre cans are ideal for that colourful crafternoon — whether you’re putting your own spin on a piece of statement furniture, refreshing your front door, or painting a plant pot, you’ll have just the right amount of paint to get your roll on.
We recommend our Trim paint for these jobs, because it’s extra hard wearing and won’t chip. Perfect for high touch surfaces like pots, frames and furniture!
For the best result, remember to prepare your surface with a coat of Prep so that your final colour goes on brilliantly and lasts even longer. So grab yourself a can (or three) and read on for our top 5 paint projects perfect for a 1 litre tin!
Mirrors and frames
Mirrors and picture frames are a great way to add a splash of colour to your space. A great tip for round mirrors is to lay your tape half on the glass, and half on the frame. Use a box cutter to cut along the edge and peel off the frame part for the perfect band of tape to protect your mirror!
Keep in mind, it needs to be completely clean to prevent dust particles from impacting your finish!
Side table
For side tables, sideboards and stools, take any knobs or handles off, then sand down the surface. A smooth surface will give the paint something to stick to, and ensure your Tint shines bright and bold for years to come.
When we’re sprucing our space, doors are often neglected, leaving them looking old and tired. Our 1L cans are the perfect opportunity for a quick lick of paint to get them looking fantastic again.
Doors are also about moving from one space to another, so getting creative with colour is a great way to make moving between spaces ultra fun and oh so inviting!
When it comes to the hinges, we suggest removing them so that the screws or holes don't fill with paint. Alternatively, tape around the hinges and leave them unpainted, as paint can diminish the integrity of the hinge.
Plant pots
Our exterior paint works a treat on a range of surfaces and materials. In particular, our exterior paint is hard-wearing, flexible and repels dirt and dust. It’s also colour fade and salt resistant, so it stands up against even the sunniest of spots.
As terracotta can be seriously porous, we recommend you give it a coat of Prep first, then apply colour with exterior paint for the best results. If you’re feeling extra creative and want to add some texture to your space, try adding a touch of bicarb soda to your paint, just make sure to stir well.
Wall arch
Wall arches are all the rage right now — and for good reason. They’re quick, easy and ultra effective when it comes to giving your space some serious style points.
Arches are so versatile that it’s hard to go wrong, but we recommend considering where you’ll paint your arch in the context of your home. Think: highlighting a particularly sunny spot with lots of pot plants, or creating a spotlight for your shelves and mementos.
Once you know where it’s going, you can decide how tall and wide it’ll be. Start by measuring and taping the sides. You’ll want to cut your string and attach a pin and a pencil before placing the pin in the centre, and using the pencil to outline the curve of your arch.
Paint the outline with a brush and finally fill in the body with your roller! Just be sure to remove the tape while your paint is still wet for a perfectly clean line.
Check Tess’ video below for an easy step by step guide to create the perfect arch.
Updating a space can be fun, simple and rewarding! So take a look around your room and think about what could do with a splash of colour this weekend.
Happy tinting!