6 painting tips for a pro finish
1. Never skip prep – however tempting it may be
‘A stitch in time saves nine’ has never applied more than it does to get a pro finish. Cleaning and preparing your surface does take time, but the effort you put in now will save you double that when you’re further down the track – trust us, we learned the hard way.
Clear your space (then there’s more room to move and less things to cover).
Lay down drop sheets (cover everything from the beginning, because it’s so much easier than removing drips or spills later).
Sand down any bumps, cracks and loose paint with a sanding sponge (pushing paint into a dint won’t fill it up! A smooth surface gives you a smooth finish).
Wipe down your walls with a light soapy solution, rinse them with water and leave to dry (paint will stick better and last longer on a nice, clean surface).
Tape up any fittings, edges and corners you want to protect (using our Painter's Tape is a sure way to get straight lines – there’s nothing wrong with being straight edge!).
2. Use premium quality paint (AKA Tint paint)
Quality makes a massive difference. Good coverage means you need less paint, less coats and less time — and low odour means you can get back to using your space sooner. Low VOC means your paint doesn't harm your environment with air pollutants. Premium quality paint is more durable meaning you won’t need to paint anytime soon (unless you want to change things up, of course). Easy-to-wash will make your life easy for many, many years.
3. Use the good tools
Saving a few dollars on your tools will cost you down the track. Tint accessories are designed to be used with Tint paint and they’ll make your job quicker and smoother. Our accessories are high quality and reasonably priced because we sell direct to you, cutting out the middle man.
4. Grab an extension pole (the most underrated tool of all!)
It makes the job easier and quicker, allows you to get an even roll across your whole space and saves you time (and your back) with less bending and more rolling.
5. Use your tool bag to cover your paint tray (the one from your Accessories Kit)
Coffee break? No problem. Dried up tools and paint? Big problem! Use your tool bag to seal up your paint tray and tools whenever you need to chill — even if just for a few minutes. Dried paint will become clumpy and lumpy and dried tools will make a mess — it's a big no from us! Keeping your tools fresh also means you can clean them easier when finished and use them again next time.
6. Work from top to bottom
Don’t ruin a perfectly painted wall by dripping ceiling paint onto it the next day – it’s painful after all that hard work. Roll through your space from top to bottom. Starting with your ceilings, then walls, then finish with your trim.
Boom! Now you’ve got the pro tips for a pro finish. We love talking paint — email your questions to help@tintpaint.com.au if you need any more advice.