6 steps on sampling colours
Sampling colours have come a long way in a short amount of time. It’s the best way to test different colours in the space you’re creating. The issue painters used to have were frustrating: small and messy samples due to swatch cards and sample pots. Cards are too small, so you can’t see the true colour and pots are messy – you also have to commit to painting your wall. That’s where our solution that combats all this comes in: the Tint Sample Stickers. They’re really easy to use, big enough to give you a good idea of the colour, mess-free, won’t damage your wall, can be moved around and there’s zero commitment – sounds pretty good, right? We think so.
Here’s a list of tips to help you make the most of our Sample Stickers.
1. Plan ahead — before you place the Sample Stickers on your wall, compare them to any furniture and fittings that you plan on keeping – take note of what goes well with these pieces.
2. Keep it at eye level — start by sticking them at eye level – it’ll make them easier to view. You can move them around later.
3. Do the day test — check the stickers throughout the day as different lighting may make the colour appear different. The warmth of natural light will change as the sun moves and turning the lights on will also make a difference.
4. Light and objects influence colour — colour can reflect the space it’s in. For example, if you put a white wall opposite a big green artwork, the white may look a little greener. These different elements can influence colour: light type (LED, halogen, lamp shades), things inside in a room (rugs, feature walls, furniture) and things outside a room (trees, colours from surrounding houses and even cars).
5. Move the stickers around — you now have the flexibility to peel off your swatch and place it in different areas of your space - so make the most of it! We recommend moving it from the brightest to the darkest part of your room as well as putting it next to cupboards and artwork.
6. Trust your eye — if you’ve used your samples to test the colour, then back yourself. You're the expert of your space, and you know what you like, so what you're leaning towards will be right.. And if you really feel like you’ve made a mistake (not likely), it’s nothing that another coat of paint can't fix. Go you!
Or give our virtual try on app a go!
Don’t have your stickers yet, but want to play around with colours? Try out our virtual try-on feature in the Tint app. You can virtually paint your walls any colour through your smartphone. Swipe and explore the colours at different times of the day to see how morning light compares to night. The app’s also a great way to order samples, paint and tools with ease. And if you’re unsure on the amount of paint, we’ve got a feature to help you calculate how much you need – let’s get painting!
Happy sampling! We love talking paint — email your questions to help@tintpaint.com.au to get the conversation rolling!