Calculate how much paint you need
Wondering how much paint you might need for your latest paint project? We’ve done the wondering for you, and created an awesome paint calculator that subtracts any and all guess-work from the process!
If you know a little about us, you’ll know that we’re a technology company with our hearts, minds and brushes in paint. With years of research, proven tech and a paint obsession, we’ve taken painting online from colour selection to application. Colour calculation included.

Curious to know what we’re banging on about? Click here to have a play. Simply plug in the dimensions of the space you want to Tint and it will tell you how much paint you’ll need to paint like a pro. From there, just add to your cart, and we’ll deliver it to your door that very same day. Easy peasy.
Want more ways than one? We’re all over it. Using the Tint App, you can also virtually paint your palace in one of our curated colours. Custom colours totally work too if you’re using our magical colour matching Pico, and our in-app visualiser will not only show you what your space looks like Tinted, but will also double as a paint calculator too!

Seriously though, this mind bending virtual try-on feature is an absolute game-changer. It allows you to easily measure and map out your space, automatically calculating how much paint you’ll need, all while watching your freshly tinted wall change colour with the daily light conditions. Yep, now you can fall head over brush for your new space - before you’ve even picked up a paint brush. Click here to download the Tint app via Google Play, or here to get it via the App Store.

Now go forth and tint the town, you’ve got this.
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