Colour tips to complement the seasons
As we spend time indoors to hibernate during the cooler months (and, let’s face it… Iso), there’s never been a better opportunity to grab a brush, shake things up and transform your home into your very own cosy sanctuary. Ready to roll? Here’s our round-up of hues to love right now.
Go neutral, stay natural
As the temperature drops, our desire to create a sense of warmth increases. To capture the seasonal mood, one of the key trends is a shift towards colours inspired by nature’s most desirable textures and shades including clay, leaves, wood, sand or stone.

The unofficial rule to keep in mind with this trend is if it came from the earth or can be found outside, then that colour deserves a spot on your walls. Think muted tones and warm neutrals like beige, cream, blush, soft clays or deep greens to add and calming properties to your space. And the best part? These hues score bonus points for longevity, as they’ll look just as good when we hit the summer months.
Don’t be afraid of colour
Colour can be daunting. But if you want to go all out and splash your walls with a vibrant hue, then go for it. When used correctly, the right tones help create a positive atmosphere that will make your space more homely and inviting.

If you want to dip your toes into the world of colour, our go-to shades for the season include Double Denim and Alter Ego for vibrant blue-greens, rich reds like our Wine and Unwind or Plum Intended to create a cosy you’ll never want to leave. To elevate the look, you could take it a step further with We Met in Spring for a pop of yellow or The Dame for a touch of pinkish lilac.

Once your walls and surfaces are covered, don’t be afraid to continue weaving colour into your life. From different textiles, artwork, one-off finds, furniture and other accessories your future self will love you for it.
Stay warm with warm shades
Warm shades are here to stay as one of the biggest trends this winter, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pair it back with cooler hues that already exist in your space. You could get a little bit creative, and add a touch of warmth in a smaller way to accentuate interior doors or paint the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Or depending on the size of your project, why not go for a complete overhaul of your walls with our one our favourite hues.

Our top picks include Couch Potato or Fika for a light warm beige, Rocky Racoon for a warm tan, Family Album for warm greige and Savage Garden for something a little bit bolder. If the thought of those shades don’t make you feel instantly warm and cosy inside then we don’t know what will.
Layer up
Just like throwing on a knitted jumper or scarf, layering similar hues in your home creates a sense of warmth that only the cooler months call for. To make this trend work for you, start with your winter shade of choice and build the room around your walls. Here’s the fun part: add as much personality into your place as you can and let your imagination run wild. Throw in a collection of textiles, find some vintage pieces and play around with different textures in similar hues to tie it all together. By layering similar shades, you can freshen up your kitchen, bedroom, or lounge room for maximum impact with minimal effort. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If painting your walls feels too extreme, or perhaps you’re renting, you can try reviving an old piece of furniture with a lick of paint to liven up the space or focus your attention on smaller areas. Not will you ensure you’re keeping in theme with the winter mood and staying ahead of the curve; it’s also easy to replace when the time is right to change it up.
Feeling inspired and ready to roll? Find your perfect winter shade and browse the Tint range here.