Colourful Language: Doc and Aki on becoming a dream team
Doc and Aki are a creative couple, with different artistic styles and a flair for innovation. Doc is an artist, stylist, model, photographer and conceptual creator (how’s that for a job title?!) whose work is heavily influenced by the 80s pop movement. Aki is an artist and illustrator whose muralist work just blows our colour-loving minds.
We were stoked to have a chat with these two up and coming legends who’ve found their own unique styles and characters that feature throughout many of their works. Although in a tough position at the moment with everything that’s going on, they’ve positioned these trying times as an opportunity to experiment with new things. Doc says that he’s ‘been given more space physically and mentally to explore design and work on the next collection.’
Doc was originally a graphic designer — creating for brands and watching his creativity spark. But there’s only so much of someone else’s brand you can build before you want to start working on your own. Which Doc did; releasing his first collection last year. This saw his style make its way onto prints, clothing and products. ‘I would always be designing for other people, but to have your own brand and to be committed to investing money to, you know, it was a big thing for me to slowly get to. And then, last year, my solo show, I launched the clothing aspect of what I do. And it's been fun. It's my favourite, I love clothes and I loved dealing with graphics and all of that stuff. I'm just all about it.’
I feel like people paint creative couples [in the light that] once they’re together it’s going to be harmonious and everything gels, but it can be a lot more difficult.
They talk about how they work together as artists and partners. 'We both have a very strong idea of what we want to see in our work. And so when we put it together, it's quite interesting. Usually we’re like ‘hmmm not sure about that’ or ‘not sure how I feel about that’'. But when it came to their collaborative mural using Tint paint, they felt like they nailed it — and so do we!
'This one was pretty good. I think the colors really helped. We love the colours and it was quite quick a process for us to sketch out something that we wanted to do together. And I feel like we committed to an idea.' We loved seeing them work on this piece together, and the photos really show how much joy (and colour!) was in the room.

Doc and Aki’s Tint-inspired mural was created in a specific way that worked best for the pair. 'We sketched it out on my iPad first, so that was really helpful, because if we’d planned it out on the day, we would’ve run into lots of issues. Then we drew on the wall with pencil to make sure we were comfy translating it onto the physical surface. We also use a projector, which helps with scale, because we could put it straight up.'
Sometimes it’s good to plan things out, especially if it’s collaborative.
The two had heaps of fun with their colour choices and originally wanted to use 12 different colours from our range, but decided to make a few individual ones pop, which we reckon worked out really well. 'I love those colors. They’re just cute...There are so many colours that you can’t find at a place like Bunnings.'(Now that's what we like to hear!)

Can't get enough of the dynamic duo? Follow the dynamic duo on Instagram @docg_. and @akiyaguchi. We can’t wait to see what the duo come up with next. Thanks for tuning in to another part of the Colourful Language series—catch you next time!
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