Colourful Language: Victoria Szchommler on photography and colour
Victoria Zschommler is a photographer who loves to bounce between a few European cities and her hometown in Australia. She works across fashion and still life for brands like Burberry, Chloe and Paco Rabanne to name a few. Vic’s first solo exhibition came to fruition last year featuring decaying flowers and fruits — a beautiful balanced portrayal of crisp and soft elements.
We were graced with the (virtual) presence of the lovely Vic, who chatted to us about the ways in which she’s perfected her still life photography, as well as her unique take on colour.
I just love colour so damn much. I think that’s my problem.
Not a problem in our eyes! Vic loves colour. Specifically pared-back colour. You’re likely to catch her using muted, dusty tones over big and bold any day of the week. When chatting to us about a particular colour, she said ‘it's an orange, but it's not quite a full, fully blown colour, you know — like a vibrant color.’ This sense of colour comes from her vase array of experiences: ‘I think my colour sense was a development, to be honest — t was years of my training in photography. My inspirations, my references, the artists who I follow... and the use of their colours. There's no rule in my mind where those pairings or thoughts or colour combos or muted colours come from. It's just now in me, I guess. I just go in with such confidence.’

We found it really interesting when Vic mentioned that she “started shooting still life and playing with colors in a weird way—trying to recreate a painting.
I think that's ultimately where it [still life photography] all started, because I was like, well, I can't paint it, but I can shoot it.
She told us she was stoked to find a variety of muted hues in our curated range, because that’s what she really loves to work with, and ultimately what she wanted to use to paint the exterior of her home. After a glance at some of the other Colourful Language projects, she was saying ‘oh my god, all these fabulous creatives doing all these really cool, creative things — I was like, man, I painted my house. I'm like literally doing what it says on the tin.’ No complaints here! There’s actually nothing that brings us more joy than seeing a fresh lick of paint turn a gorgeous house into a home.
t’s great seeing those results right in front of your eyes as you get rid of one colour and bring it into this new life or new world.
Vic talks us through her colour selection and spruce up: ‘so we've gone with Inner Self as the main feature, which I would like to describe as a blue gum or even a dusty grey. Then I’ve matched that with the Old School, which I would say is a warm white — and we’ve got that going around the trims. So, around the windows, around the bottom base and skirting, we’re just keeping it all soft and lovely. Then to give it a little bit of weight, I chose Puddle, which is like a slightly darker grey. And so that's going to be used on the posts and across the top. So I feel like it's a pretty beautiful little trio!’
We couldn’t agree more. Not only was Vic our first photographer to appear in the Colourful Language series, but she’s also the first to tackle an ambitious house exterior. We’d love for you to indulge yourself in her artistic work @victoriazschommler on Instagram or check out her folio at
We hope you enjoyed hearing about Vic’s approach to colours and see her Tint project come to life—catch you for our next featured artist.