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Episode One
Angler’s Shack with Simone Haag
Part One — Interior
Photography: Victoria Dunham
Simone Haag is an award-winning interior stylist, creative and mum.
Welcome to Angler’s Shack, Simone’s retro-inspired family retreat in Phillip Island, Victoria. In the first half of this two-parter, Simone talks us through the experience of bringing a new energy to the shack’s interior with carefully chosen coats of colour. Stay tuned for the follow-up, where we’ll see her give the property’s exterior a facelift.
Angler's Shack
Simone and her family have a deep, sentimental history with Angler’s Shack. She and husband Rhys spent time there as a young couple and are excited to continue the evolution of the space in this new chapter, as their young family has grown too! Careful tweaks after purchasing the shack from Rhys’ parents “converted it into our own little beachside paradise”, a holiday retreat filled with connection, inspiration, surf, meals shared, and of course, dance parties with her girls.
Inspired by the offerings of her favourite Australian furniture brand, Simone created Haag Green for the girls’ bunk beds, a simple olive tone they won’t age out of.
I had to strike the balance between wanting to try heaps of rad colours from the Tint collection in this house, but also having to use a bit of restraint.
— Simone Haag
The main colour through the shack is Family Album, a soft, inviting grey that reflects the time Simone spends at the shack not just with her husband and children but also their extended family. “One of the most surprising colours that we’ve used here is It’s Very Beige,” she says, when describing the master bedroom. “Honestly it is the best colour. It’s warm and moody, it’s this camel-y beach tone, bit of 70s vibe.”
“The amazing thing with Tint is getting all those Sample Stickers. I played around with those, I definitely used references such as all the coastal books that I have at the shack... shots in Europe, surfboards, and houses and lifestyle... I used all those photos together to create a palette.”
The most valuable effect of the makeover was creating a series of pleasant, airy spaces throughout the shack for a young family to be inspired, create new memories and deepen their roots in Phillip Island.
Simone's colour collection
Haag Green
Inspired by the Australian coast, Haag Green is the perfect dusty eucalyptus for timeless retro-vibes. Much like its namesake, Simone Haag, this green will add a touch of style to any space.
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Family Album
A warm greige that creates gorgeous backdrops for your picture-perfect moments, year after year.
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Rocky Racoon
Just like a classic hit, this deep warm tan will make any space feel timeless.
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It's Very Beige
It's Very Beige is a deep earthy beige that creates a cosy and natural vibe. Pair it with warm whites or other earth tones in a bedrooms and living room.
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Angler’s Shack with Simone Haag
Part Two — Murals by Tom Gerrard
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