Country Style in a city pad
Even if you can’t escape the big smoke right now you can achieve that picturesque country feel in your home.
If farmers markets, things wrapped in brown paper or a Country Style magazine are your ideas of a good time - then you’re the perfect candidate for adding a touch of bucolic bliss to your home. Tint Stylist and country girl Alexis is here to show you how.
At its heart, Country Style is all about keeping things simple, functional and operational; which is great because it means you don’t need a big budget or a lot of stuff. Start with a good white base that supports your lighting - a warm white for softly lit spaces, like Old School and a neutral white for brightly lit spaces like So Fresh and So Clean. This gives you a foundation for adding points of interest or highlighting certain rooms.
Half walls are also a perfect option to create interest in your country look and have the added bonus of hiding mess in high traffic areas like hallways. Try earthy tones like Snug as a Bug, Kong or Fika.
Vintage Pieces
Painted vintage pieces are right at home in a country style space and places like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are great resources to nab unique pieces. Be warned - you can fall in love easily so go searching knowing the size, feel and function you want from your piece to avoid buyers regret.
When it comes to selecting paint for your furniture piece Puddle, Snug as a Bug, Kong or Jungle Look are wonderful options. Tip: choose Trim paint for the most flexibility and hard wearing protection for your paint job. Or grab one of our Upcycle Bundles for everything you need.
Little slices of history
Because country style is grounded in functionality, people living in the country collect pieces they love and use over decades and don’t commit to one trend. To recreate this, mix accessories from different sources and eras. Op shops are great for hidden gems and don’t be afraid to look at nature itself - old bottles, pine cones, stones and crafts are all fair game just keep the palette muted, earthy or fairly neutral for a chic modern country vibe.
Rustic fabrications
Natural and earthy are all part of the country look but you can also add some industrial elements that would be common in the country like wrought iron, copper pots (if you’re lucky enough to find them) and rusty steel. Concrete is also a wonderful touch, especially for kitchen benches.
Add soft furnishing and furniture in mixed weathered timbers, linen, stone, jute and metals. Keep it relaxed and easy.
From the garden
Even if you don't have a garden, bringing that paddock to plate vibe is inexpensive and easy. Try bunches of woody herbs like rosemary or cut parsley flower bunches. Keep your vases filled with dried grases or dried seed pods or a dried native bunch. You don’t need to be an award winning floral designer either, you only need one variety of plant per vessel.
Country Style is all about the journey and the treasure hunt. Creating a timeless look formed from memories is one of the most joyful experiences you can have with your home.