Essential tools for painting any surface
Thinking it’s about time to paint your pad? We know how confusing the world of paint and accessories can be. Don’t stress — we’ve got your back and are here to help simplify the process so you can get rolling with ease.
Everything you need to paint like a Pro
With Tint, everyone can DIY like a pro. Ever wandered aimlessly down the aisles of the big green shed, searching for all the gear but having no idea — only to leave with nothing but a sausage in your hand? Been there. Our painting tools are easy to find — seriously though, just click here, and specially designed so that anyone can pick’em up and get in on the action. With no middleman and all the premium inclusions, we offer everything you need at one low price — easy peasy.

Saving a few dollars on your tools will add up down the track, but trust us, all brushes are not made equal. Who says you should have to decide between quality and cost? Well, you don’t. Our accessories are top shelf quality, just like our paint, and are sold as super affordable individual items or in a handy accessories kit with everything you need to get your job done.

From drop sheets to painters tape, sanding sponge and paint pots — our accessory kits provide you with all the premium tools you'll need for the perfect DIY job, just throw in an extension pole and you can call yourself a pro.
Cool Tool Tips
Before you start your tinting adventures, lay down drop sheets. Covering your space from the beginning is so much easier than removing drips or spills later (we learned the hard way)...

Make sure to tape up any fittings, edges and corners you want to protect. Our painter’s tape is a sure way to get straight lines, so use it — it will fast biome your new painting BFFL.

At Tint, we always opt for both brushes, and rollers. Brushes are ultra handy for tackling edges and corners, and getting into those tricky areas, but rollers are best for larger surface areas and a smooth finish.

Don’t forget your extension pole (it’s seriously the most underrated tool of all). It will make your job oh so much easier, and your finish that much better — also and most importantly, your back will thank us later.
Now, just add paint.
Tint Tip – The trusty tool bag not only acts as a shipping bag, but is designed to be re-used to keep your tools from drying out. Coffee break? No problem. Dried up tools and paint? Big problem! Use your tool bag to seal up your paint tray and tools whenever you need to chill, even if just for a few minutes.

Dried paint will become clumpy and lumpy and dried tools will make a mess. It's a hard no from us! Keeping your tools fresh also means you can clean them easier when finished and use them again next time. Trust us, once you realise how easy and fun this all is — you'll be back for more colours to get rolling again in no time.
Feeling inspired and ready to get rolling? Check out some of our best selling hues below!