How to get started on your first DIY project
Keen to get cracking on that paint project, but not quite sure if you can actually DIY, or where you need to start? Let us let you in on a little secret — you don’t need to be a pro to paint well (and have fun while doing it). We know the world of DIY might seem tricky to navigate, but with our handy tips and helpful tricks, we’ve made it fun, simple and totally do-able. Trust us — you’ve got this!
First up - colours.
Gone are the days of endlessly roaming the Bunnings ailes for your paint tools, or staring open-mouthed at 50,000 shades of grey on the swatch wall. We’ve done the hard work for you and simplified the process, with a curated range of 71 colours and hues that just work and handy accessories kits that include everything you need in one reusable bag.

If we haven't got exactly what you’re looking for, we can make it too! Pico is our magical pocket-sized colour reader. With this smart paint matching device, you can snap any hue you love, and instantly make it yours.

Paired with the Tint App, you can virtually paint your walls and see the colour change in action without even picking up a paint brush. Use the handy measure tool to map out your space, and it will automatically calculate how much paint you’ll need #nomorewaste.
Think testing colours sounds messy?
We’ll you’re right, it is!

Solution? We created giant peel-and-stick colour swatches, so you can see what two dried coats will look like in your space. Totally wall-friendly so you can stick, peel and move them around with changing lighting conditions.

Simply add to your cart, and we’ll deliver paint and accessories straight to your door.
Ready to roll?
Don't underestimate the power of prep. While it might take time, the effort you put in now will save you further down the track – trust us, we learned the hard way.

Start by sanding down any bumps, cracks and loose paint, and clean your surfaces with warm soapy water.

From drop sheets to painters tape, our accessory kits provide you with the tools you need, to paint like a pro.

Make sure to mask the trim, and press down on the tape firmly so your wall is ready for cutting in. No one likes a splodgy edge.
Now, let the Tinting begin!
Give it a whirl. Stir your paint and give your brush a tap (don’t wipe) to get rid of any excess paint before cutting in. Then, glide your brush back and forth along the taped area, feathering out the edges until smooth.

Pour some paint into the deepest section of your painters tray, dip and roll until the roller is loaded with paint, but not dripping.

Pro tip: Work from top to bottom. Don’t ruin a perfectly painted wall by dripping ceiling paint onto it the next day – it’s painful after all that hard work. Roll through your space from top to bottom starting with your ceilings, then walls, and finishing with your trim.

Roll paint out evenly on the wall, making a W or M shaped pattern then go back to fill the gaps.

Allow 2 hours to dry (pro tip: re use our accessories bag to store your tray and roller!)

Time to unWINEd however you like, bust out a gym session, then repeat for a final coat - you only need two.

Finally, step back, admire the hell out of your work and share using #mytint! Feeling inspired? Check out our colour collection today and remember to hit up our colour crew if there's anything we can do to help get you rolling with confidence.
Check out our beautiful range of curated paint hues and get started on your DIY project today!