How to get your perfect colour with Tint
At Tint we’re all about making colour easy and accessible to help you create a space you love. We’re firm believers in colour freedom, so if you’ve got a colour in mind here are some easy ways to get the hue you want in the paint you love (hint that’s Tint!)
Inspiration can come from anywhere! Have you found the perfect colour for your home, but it's not exactly a paint colour? Our Pico is the perfect device for you.
Pico is a pocket-sized device that pairs to our Tint app. Use it to scan any item, from pottery to artworks to furniture, and we'll mix up a Custom Colour unique to you! Pico is also a perfect tool for colour matching existing paint when you're unsure of the original colour - great for rental repairs or if you fancy the wall colour at your local cafe. Whatever the situation, Pico is your pocket colour pal.
Found the perfect colour from another brand but you’re not loving the idea of smelly, non-vegan paint? We forgive you - just type what you want into Tint Match and we can mix it up for you.
This is the perfect place to go if you want your favourite Tint paint in a colour from another brand, to match an RGB, HEX or PANTONE®, or if you have a custom colour code from your Pico.
Need some colour advice? Our stylists will help you curate the perfect look for your home. With the option for a FREE 30 min session or a paid 60 min session, you can book the right session for your project.
No matter where you are in your colour journey, your stylist will get an understanding of how your spaces look today, and how you'd like them to look in the future before preparing a unique colour plan for you.
At the end of your session, we’ll provide a colour plan for your space, assist you in calculating your paint quantities and provide additional inspiration for your project to get you rolling!
Got questions about your paint project? The Tint Support Team are here to get you rolling. Reach out over chat, the phone or via email with all your painting questions and they will be there to help!
If colour isn’t your issue, and instead you’re struggling to find inspiration, our home project pages are the perfect starting point for you. Get inspired by spaces, colours and styles from the Tint community, and learn expert styling tips to kickstart your own project.
So no matter what you’re painting or where your inspiration comes from, we’ll have everything you need to get rolling at Tint.