How to mix and match colour
No, never, ever, ever. Our number one rule about colour is — there are no rules! If you love it, you can’t go wrong. Colour is cool, and there are plenty of ways to go big and bold in your space. From feature walls to bright furniture, we’re here to help however we can.
The feel of our spaces can be a huge factor in how much we enjoy them, so it’s oh so important to make the right choice - for you! The epic splash of colour in the image above (and below) is by our talented friend and Artist, Ellen Porteus. It’s no secret that Ellen has an eye for big, bold colours. We’re all about taking a leaf out of her book, and encouraging you to seriously jump right in and go for it — all the colour, everywhere. Here are our top tips to get you embracing the colour-loving creative in you!
Feature walls are a classic when putting your stamp on your space.
The purpose of a room is a great place to start when getting creative with your colours. We all require different things from different spaces. So, choosing colours that have you feeling ultra inspired is an absolute must.

While we’re all for complementary colours and boosting natural light - you’re the one spending time in your space, and the colours we surround ourselves with can have a huge impact on how we feel.

Whether it's a feel good blue or dark earthy green, pick a colour that reflects what makes you feel your best.

Tint tip: our no mess sample stickers make experimenting with colours oh so easy. Simply stick, peel, and move ‘em around, without damaging your walls.
If you’re not keen to commit to a wall, statement furniture can be just as bright and bold.

Check out our article Where can I use Tint paint? (Hint: Everywhere) for handy tips and helpful tricks on how to freshen up your furniture. If it’s colour inspiration you’re looking for, then our carefully curated range of 71 colours is a great place to start.
We want you to fall head over brush when you pop your first can. If you don’t see something you absolutely love, we’ll make it for you. Pico allows you to create your very own custom colour or match any pre-existing paint.

Simply scan your colour crush and instantly make it yours. We’ll mix your unique colour and deliver it direct to your door - simple!
Remember, our Colour Crew are here to help! Whether it’s colour inspo or application advice you’re after, we’re here for a chat. Anytime. Anywhere. Hit us up at to talk to our friendly team.