How to style Orange
Energising, vibrant and warming orange is a wonderful colour to bring into your home but it can be tricky to get right. Here are some ways to easily style orange in your home that’ll give you a daily dose of Vitamin C (for chic, that is).
Contrast Colour
Green is a great accompaniment to orange and can be added in an extremely luxurious, chic and grown-up way. Try mature fabrics like velvet, brocade or wool. Add touches of luxury with marble, brass, gold or coloured glass. To achieve the look below try pairing Potter’s Square, PANTONE 14-1139 or Peachy Keen with the Cube couch from The Family Love Tree and a brass floor lamp.
Turn up the heat
Warm colours can bring out the best in each other. Whether you’re going for an earthy or bright orange colours like burgundy, blush and pink will always compliment. In the look below designer Rachel Grant uses strong clean lines with raw, natural fabrics in tribal prints to soften the space, creating an incredibly rich feel whilst being minimal. To achieve this look opt for simple key furniture pieces and try PANTONE 14-1139 with The Sheet Society Rust and Wine and Unwind.
La Beiga
Soft beige is a perfect accompaniment for orange. It softens bright oranges and anchors earthy oranges. The look below really sings with these “mod” style vases and simple clean lines. For this look you can’t go past Couch Potato with Potter’s Square.
The Good Ol’ Gradient
Using the gradient of a colour can pull a look together and give a sense of cohesiveness that makes a room pop. Pick an orange and a lighter or darker version of it. It won’t matter if one of the colours is a bit more pink, red or yellow. This will only add depth and interest. You can also still add touches of other colours as a feature as colours on the gradient really act as one.
Add or accessorize with:
Orange you glad you read this?
No matter whether you like your orange earthy, vibrant, mod or minimal there’s a perfect orange out there for you. Make sure you have fun and sometimes if it’s not feeling quite right more is more. Orange is certainly not for wallflowers.