How to use the 25k HomeBuilder Grant
Feeling a whole lot of “HellYeah!” about the $25K HomeBuilder Scheme? We’re here to help you give that grant a good ol’ workout and get rolling on the home of your dreams.
HomeBuyers Scheme Low-Down
We’ve put together a nifty little low-down, to help you wrap your head around what it all means for the house of your dreams.
What is it?
Singles earning $125K or less or couples with a combined income of $200K or less
When can you get it?
The grant is up for grabs between July and December 2020. Sign a contract to build or renovate between those months, meet the requirements below and you’re eligible
Want more deets on eligibility requirements?
Eligibility requirements include using the grant on new builds for primary place of residence valued up to $750K including land; Renovations to a primary place of residence valued between $150L and $750K on houses worth $1.5m or less pre-renovation; and must be used for works connected to the house (A.K.A. don’t spend it all on an infinity pool!)
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Thanks for reading! We hope you're feeling full of know-how about how you can get your hands on the $25K Home Builder's Grant to help you splash some cash on the house of your dreams!