Interview: Jess Alizzi
Buying your first home is exciting but the decisions can be overwhelming! When Melbourne’s queen of minimalist style, Jess Alizzi, was hunting for a neutral backdrop for her Abbotsford apartment, Tint was the only option.
1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your painting experience... Would you say you’re a paint newbie or a Michaelangelo in the making?
I am a Melbourne based commerce/law grad turned digital content creator and have been working in the digital space for over 6 years now. As for painting, I am absolutely a newbie but had so much fun engaging in our little project, it is definitely something I could see myself doing again down the track!
2. What was the project you undertook with us and how did it go?
My partner and I recently bought our first home – a converted warehouse style apartment in inner-city Melbourne and we wanted to give our new space a bit of a refresh – painting was an easy way to totally freshen up the apartment without a huge capital injection. Although the original walls were a version of white already, Tint’s ‘So Fresh and So Clean’ was the perfect shade to transform the space from dull to fresh.
3. What was the paint process like for you? Take us through the motions of how you got the job done, your inspo for this project.
Due to the double height ceilings in our apartment some of the painting had to be done by a professional and required scaffolding for safety but all walls and rooms that were within our reach were painted by us, which was really enjoyable! The apartment already had a bit of a gallery/studio style feel to it with so many large blank walls and long high-ceiling corridors, so the plan was to soften the space a little bit by changing the colour of the floors, adding sweeping sheer curtains and of course, freshening up the walls with brighter, whiter paint. The walls are now ready for some beautiful artwork – we just haven’t found the right pieces yet!
4. Any advice for novice painters who love what you’ve done and want to try their hand at it?
Just go for it – it might seem daunting, but it is actually super easy and a lot of fun! The best thing about painting is that you can always paint over it if you don’t love the colour you have chosen. I love that Tint has a curated selection of the optimal premade colours to choose from, making them an ideal option for people like me who struggle to decide on everything – especially home related things!
5. Favourite thing about your fresh Tint?
Definitely how clean and fresh our space looks now. My partner and I constantly find ourselves admiring our new walls and how beautiful they look. It really has totally transformed our space and we could not be more thrilled with the final result!