Introducing: Colourful Language with Nat Turnbull
Season One of Colourful Language is hosted by our CEO DJ and the amazing Art Director, Set Designer and all-round legend Nat Turnbull. DJ spoke to Nat about what she does, how Colourful Language came to be, and how she chose her custom colour Terra 2.0.
Hey Nat! How do you describe what you do? Your work is so unique and diverse — how do you break it down for people?
Hey DJ, thanks for having me. I am a creative working in many similar roles; art direction, styling and set design. Because I work on many different projects, each one requires a different response from me and so I work flexibly between those roles. Sometimes I’ll put together all of the concepts, treatment, design the set and style it on the shoot. Other times I work with design agencies, other art directors or creatives to fulfil and exisiting vision. I love the changing states of my job, it always keeps things interesting and allows me to learn new things.
You helped us style the launch of Tint earlier this year, and created some really beautiful style in our space. Where do you get your inspiration, in particular for especially colourful projects?
That was a very fun project, it’s nice to create something that people see and experience in real life vs through a photograph. Of course I love that too, but working on the launch was a nice change for me. I do really believe that inspiration comes from everywhere, often where you least expect it. I’m always documenting things I see on the street, in nature, in stores, in films, books etc. Maybe it’s a beautiful colour palette found randomly in the supermarket or a texture combination in nature. I particularly love taking inspiration from spaces that aren’t intentionally creative and turning them into something creative.
We are loving working with you on colourful Language, and were super stoked when you came to us with the concept. What gave you the idea of a content series like this, during a time like this, where we are all in lockdown?
Aside from the terrible situation of Covid 19, a positive to come of the situation is the challenge to creatives to continue to create and stay inspired. I know I’ve experienced this myself, focussing more on my home and either painting or reinvigorating my space. I could see that in my friends too, so I thought that it would be really nice to document how these creative people were responding to the current time. It’s been a very fun process for me too, because not only are we documenting their project, we are discussing their practise and some really interesting topics over our podcast recordings.
Tell us about your custom tint! We love it and want to know more about how you came to choose that colour, and how you came to name it!
I wanted to work with a tone that is both vibrant and earthy at the same time. I have a current obsession with terracotta red so I also wanted to create something inspired by that. I think it’s a beautiful rich tint, but also has a really nice softness to it as well. I can imagine I looking incredible in a room painted similarly to Gemma Leslie’s project (stay tuned!) where half the wall is painted. Or used in a beautiful striped wall as well as on objects. It pairs so nicely with natural elements, wood, stone, grey, white and metal.

As for the name, the colour itself makes me think of Mars, with its deep undertones and dusty, rusty red vibrancy. Terra 1.0 would be earth, so calling it Terra 2.0 is a bit of a nod to a second home for all of us if we don't look after the one we're on now. Up for interpretation of course, but that's kind of where the thinking ended up for this one!
What are you working on outside of Colourful Language these days? Anything you’re super excited about?
I am working on a range of different local projects currently and have recently worked on a project for a New York client with photographer Victoria Zschommler, also one of our amazing creatives in Season One of CL. I’m spending a lot of time currently connecting and planning for shoots, and then in a few weeks they will all happen. While I’m lucky to have some projects on the go, my schedule is not as mad as it usually is but I am really enjoying the extra time allowed to really delve into concepts and create really unique ideas.
Any words of wisdom for those wanting to take on their own colourful project?
Something I have learned through the process of curating season one of Co!ourful language is that a simple addition of paint, whether it be on a frame, partially up a wall, a door frame, or a two tone light, it can change an object or space so much. My advice would be don’t be afraid to go bold and experiment with colour. The creatives in season one have done exactly that and they all look amazing. And, I mean, if it’s painted and you change your mind, you can always paint over it!
Check out more of Nat's work by visiting her website or flicking her a follow on Instagram.
Hope you’ve enjoyed our chat with Nat — be sure to follow along as we get to know her creative pals in each episode of the series. Stay tuned next week for our first Episode of Colourful Language — In Conversation with Dale Hardiman.