Introducing: new 1L and 10L sizes
We’ve got news! You asked and we listened. Although our classic 4 litre cans are a perfect middle ground for all things DIY, at Tint we know (and love) that everyone is different. That’s why we’ve expanded our (and that means your) range, so now you can get exactly what you need for your paint project, without leftovers #nomorewaste. Yep, You ask and we deliver (literally).
Our new 1 litre cans are ideal for that colourful crafternoon.
Whether you’re putting your own spin on a piece of statement furniture, or touching up your trims, you’ll have just the right amount of paint to get your roll on.

Our 1L cans have been in high demand as of late (we’re looking at all you mural-loving, craft queens and kings out there!). So we’re super excited to welcome them to the Tint family! It’s time to get hands on and have some fun with a lil tiny Tint.
Feeling a feature wall? Our trusty 4L cans have got you covered.
Whilst it might not be quite enough for a full palace paint, our classic 4 litre cans are ideal for a one wall wonder.

Whether it's bright and bold, or more neutral tones you’re after, feature walls are a classic way to put your own stamp on your space. For some helpful tips on how to have fun with your walls, check out our Top 3 Tips For Nailing Your Feature Wall.
Go big or go (to your freshly painted) home with 10L tubs!
We know how daunting those big paint projects can be. But we’re here to make even the big jobs as fun, simple and rewarding as possible.

Our 10 litre cans are perfect for giving your pad that fresh tint you’ve been dreaming of.

Tint tip: our no mess sample stickers make experimenting with colours oh so easy. Simply stick, peel, and move ‘em around to your heart's content, so you can be sure it’s the colour you love. It really is that easy.

Best of all, our extra durable, premium paint is vegan, cruelty free, super low odour, mould resistant, and 99% free from air-polluting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). So you can be sure that no matter what you’re painting, it’s good for you, and the planet.
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