Introducing: New Victorian rental laws are here
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Victorian rental laws are finally changing to give tenants more choices about how they decorate their home — and with 1 in 4 Victorians living in a rental property, there’s plenty for everyone to cheer about. Read on to find out what it means for you.
What are the new rental laws?
Delayed due to the pandemic, the reforms set out a minimum standard for rental properties. This includes ensuring homes have working toilets and are free from mould.
On a more exciting note however, they now allow renters to do DIY projects around their home.
You no longer require permission from your landlord to make small changes to your home like swapping to energy efficient light bulbs or installing picture hooks and shelves. For larger changes — like painting — you still need your landlord’s permission, but they can no longer unreasonably refuse your request.
For a full list of things you can do check out the Consumer Affairs Victoria site here.
What does this mean for you?
The new laws mean you can now enjoy a splash of colour in your rental.
While you’ll still need your landlord’s approval, they can’t unreasonably refuse your request, so make sure you go to your landlord (or agent) with a full plan on what you’re going to do to make things as smooth as possible. We’ve drafted a Request to Paint letter that covers everything you need to let your landlord know about here.
What are the steps to start painting?
First step, decide what you’re planning to do — including listing out your chosen colours and where they’re going, how much paint you’ll need, what it’ll cost, and if you’re hiring a professional painter or doing it yourself.
Be sure to check if you’re required to return the walls to their previous colour when you leave, and include that in your plan.
You’ll then need to get your landlords approval by sending your plan to them. Remember, your request can’t be unreasonably refused, so add as much detail in your plan as you can. Our handy Request to Paint draft is a great place to start. Download it here.
Once you’ve got the A-Ok from your landlord, it’s time to pick up the brushes and get painting!
Picking the right paint
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