Monthly Stylist Wrap Up - February
The cure for Colour Confusion
Who: Simone
Where: Harrington Park, NSW
Project: Daughter’s bedroom
What does she think: "After sampling almost every dusty blush pink colour possible I landed on a perfect pink from another brand, but had it mixed by Tint because their quality is unmatched. I had a complimentary colour consultation with Alexis (a Tint stylist) who helped me to pick the perfect colour and gave me some amazing advice for the rest of my renovation too. My daughter was so happy with her birthday room reveal she cried! She said it’s the ‘perfect princess pink’ - I say it’s a gorgeous modern pink that has longevity. The smell was minimal, quality amazing and the delivery super speedy."
When I jumped on the Zoom for Simone’s Stylist Session I got an immediate sense that she was beyond colour confused and needed help! She was overwhelmed with swatches and samples and had covered her wall with options.
After assuring Simone that we would find a solution, I wanted to take her back to the start and begin fresh. We talked about her vision for the room, how she wanted it to feel for her daughter, the way she wanted to feel in the space, the furniture that was staying and going and the type of light the room was getting.
She explained she wanted a clean and bright but also intimate feeling. I knew that a fresher, brighter pink without dusty undertones would be perfect.
From there we looked at images on pinterest and honed in on what Simone did and didn’t like about certain pinks and what would work with her furniture pieces. Visualisation helped us clarify not only the right colour but also the formula of how to bring the space together.
Everything Simone needed was all there in her vision. From the reading nook to the pink accessories - it was written plain and clear on the floor mat, she was creating a space of Love. All I really had to do was help Simone identify with her original vision and streamline her choices to avoid colour overwhelm.
She went away from the session having eliminated most of her colours and equipped with what she needed to choose between the remaining few.
Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear when Simone sent me photos of her beyond beautiful daughter's room with a custom colour from us and impeccably styled.
But the best part of all was hearing how happy and over the moon her daughter was.
Simone’s is a great example of someone who has become overwhelmed with the choices in their project and just needs a helping hand and sounding board. The end result for both Simone and her daughter are part of why I love my job! So if you’re colour confused or overwhelmed by choice, book a free Stylist Session here.