Monthly Stylist Wrap Up - January
Banishing the winter chill with a vibrant beach box makeover
Who: Kate
Where: Mount Martha, VIC
Project: Revamping Kate's beach box, inside and out
What does she think: "From picking the right colour to the delivery of the paint Tint staff have been amazing to work with."
Kate booked a Stylist Session with the goal of revamping her beach box in Mount Martha - it was a cold winter and we’d been through some tough lockdowns, so she wanted to create something vibrant and fun for her family. So, we both put our imaginary togs on and dived into inspiration!
Kate wanted to renovate both the interior and exterior of their beach box to create a joyous but functional space for her family - it had to be cool and facilitate swimming, activities, food and drink and everything else an active family needs on a summer’s day.
I quickly learned that Kate had a great eye and wasn’t afraid to take risks with colour. She wanted something with personality but also worked well with the surrounding beach boxes.
To help refine the direction we were moving toward, I created a mood board for Kate - she loved the ‘Palm Springs’ vibe I suggested, which also reminded her of her favourite artist, Kate Jensen. We decided to draw inspiration from Kate’s work for our colour palette.
The project kicked off with Bob and the team from Sublime Painting prepping the weatherboard surface. The previous paint had been damaged by salt, sand and sun so we wanted to ensure our Tint stood the test of time.
For most of the exterior we went with PANTONE® 13-2806 TPGS - a lively baby pink. The softness of the pink provided support for some of the more bolder colours in the palette and matches really well with the neighbouring beach boxes.
PANTONE® 15-5711, a vibrant minty green, wrapped the exterior or the beach box and provided a pop of colour amongst the pink. Just like our inspiration image, we wanted a bold colour on the doors to invite you in and give you a hint of the fun inside. Using Tint Match, Kate developed a custom colour which works just as well when the doors are opened or closed!
Finally to give the beach box the “real house” feeling we added So Fresh and So Clean on the balistraude and pillars to keep the deck area feeling light and open.
Once the painting was finished, the beach house needed a few finishing touches - the surfboards, a few styling details and one bright and happy family were all brought back!
Ready for decades of sandy feet, watermelon on the deck, laughter bouncing off it’s walls and everything the weather (and family) will throw at it.
If you need help narrowing down your painting ideas or some guidance on how to create a more colourful space, Tint can help you at every step. Book a free Styling Consult with me to help bring your dream to life!