Monthly Stylist Wrap up - September
Boyz to Men
Who: Lily
Where: Hampton Park, VIC
Project: Creating a home she loved and nailing down the colours for her youngest son’s room
What does she think: "I have enjoyed every interaction and the bouncing of ideas [with Alexis] that led to creating the perfect spaces."
With a desire to create a home she really truly loved spending time in and a great eye for style, Lily began her journey by ordering an array of green samples, but was struggling to nail down the right colour for her youngest boy's room. So she booked what would be the first of many appointments with me.
In our session we chatted through lighting, bedding and furniture options that she had already chosen for the space. As Lily loves dark colours and wanted a high impact look we came to the conclusion that Wild Thing would be the ultimate choice for her and her youngest.
When we moved on to Lily’s older son’s room, she was keen for new input to spice up the grey space. It was important to understand how Luca uses his bedroom - being twelve and the eldest of three, he was an avid video game player, so I suggested colours that were mature, would see him through his teenage years and promote focus and calm. We were also sure to keep his favourite pastime in mind, and chose a colour with low Light Reflectance Value so he would be able to see his screens well even on a bright day.
When I suggested a dark navy like Do Not Disturb Lily was filled with excitement and instantly conjured up had the vision in her mind of Luca’s perfect bedroom.
While I helped guide her to some wonderful colour choices, it’s fair to say that Lily really took these looks to the next level with her elevated styling. Her minimal but layered aesthetic has created two gorgeous bedrooms that feel spacious, cosy and personal.
In both rooms black furniture touches keep clean lines and the grey tones of the layered bedding make the beds look incredibly soft and inviting. Lily told me that she likes to invest in new bedding every year to keep everything looking fresh and give the boys a new look - these neutral paint colours will provide the perfect backdrop to refresh and reinvent these spaces for years to come.
Whether you need inspiration, guidance, or a solid sounding board for your ideas, Tint can help you at every step.
If you’re unsure, book a free Styling Consult with me to help discover your dream colours! I love every step of the style journey and helping turn a house into a colour home.