Painting your house to increase it's value
Colour has the ability to really tie a whole space together. Whether it’s a new coat of paint for the whole house or a simple feature wall to take one room from zero to hero — a fresh tint can go a long way. It also does wonders when it comes to adding value to the home.
Minimal effort for maximum result
Painting can ultimately turn a house into a home — whether it’s your own home, a rental, or a house you’re freshening up for sale. At any rate, it’s worth keeping in mind that painting is the most cost effective way to transform a room for the better and get maximum impact for minimal effort.

A simple coat of paint can not only change the whole feeling of a room, but by layering different tones of a similar hue, it can also add a touch of personality, draw the eye in and make people want to be in that space and enjoy it — which is really what it’s all about!

If you are trying to sell your home, then creating a space people want to be in is really the end goal and the ultimate impact you want. At Tint, we take the pain out of the paint process by helping people every step of the way, delivering straight to your door and supplying a full range of curated colours (with the option to customise colours with our colour reader Pico) and accessories for a pro finish. Our paint is also low-odour, meaning you don’t need to worry about strong fumes taking over if you’ve got an open inspection coming up.

On the flip side, if you’re wanting to refresh a space you’ve just moved into, then there’s no better time to get rolling than before the furniture has hit the ground. A lick of colour on your walls will help make your new home just that — yours.
Palette pointers
Colour confusion tends to be the number one reason people put off buying paint, so we spent a lot of time analysing our data on colour trends to develop a curated palette of 71 beautiful hues you can’t go wrong with. To give you an idea of how this works, our colour matching device, Pico, pulls in over 120,000 colour scans every month from people actively scanning colours all over the world — and this is what we use to form our seasonal collection of hues. If you can’t find the colour you’re looking for in our curated collection, you can always grab yourself a Pico and get scanning to make a custom colour that is unique to you.

For those who want to see the colour on their wall before dipping their brush in, the Tint app has an augmented reality feature that lets you “try on” colours and see how it will look in your home and on your walls. This is a great place to start if you’re not feeling quite ready to start putting paint on the walls but want to know how the end result will look.

If you’re thinking of incorporating more pastels in your space, saturating a space in a colour you love can create a really cool sensory experience that might be just what you’re looking for. if you’re wanting to keep it light but still use colour, consider keeping trims white to help break up the colour and keep it easy on the eye. Bolder, brighter colours on the other hand can work especially well for feature walls, coloured archways or half walls.

We always say that the first rule of colour is there are no rules about colour. If you’re worried about choosing a “wrong” colour — don’t be. Paint isn’t as permanent as you might think and at the end of the day, if you love a colour and it feels right in your home, then you should trust your instincts and roll with it!
Feeling inspired and ready to roll with Tint? We've got you covered.