Styling tips for a modern contemporary living room
Transform your living room into a cool and individual space - as part of our Tint x Brosa collab, we’ve put together an easy guide to understanding and creating a modern contemporary living room.
Like that person you know that always has perfect bed hair, isn’t on social media and everytime you say you like their clothes they tell you they bought it at an NYC second hand store, Contemporary design is so GD effortlessly cool.
The perfect balance of form and function, contemporary design is simple, minimal and serene. Focusing on sweeping architectural lines and light. Neutral tones are the core of this trend and natural fabrics mixed with simple man made elements like metal and glass. Furniture pieces are often antique, vintage or retro but are not specific to one period and sit together in a modern paired back way.
Let your furniture be the showcase — a neutral white backdrop highlights your pieces like artworks. If you have a space that feels too warm, Paper Plane has the perfect touch of grey. For well balanced spaces So Fresh and So Clean is a go to and Old School is the best pick for chilly spaces.
Beiges, Grey’s and Griege’s are also a popular contemporary choice with colours like Fika, Inhale Exhale, Taupedo and Head in the Clouds providing various temperate neutrals. If you’re feeling bold, colours from nature like Puddle, Doom and It’s Very Beige are also great options.
Add varying texture with stone, marble, leather and linens. Avoid patterns and opt to show detail in artworks or the occasional cushion.
Storage Furniture in particular should have long unbroken lines to make the space feel open and not overloaded. Keep knick knacks to a minimum and focus on your favourite practical pieces. This look will celebrate personalisation so invest in pieces you love for the long term.