Styling tips for a Scandinavian dining room
Bring 'hygge' to life with a Scandinavian dining. Create an inspired space for your friends and family with Tint x Brosa.
Hygge is an all encompassing Danish word for so many things including “a cosy and comforting moment in time”. It is often referred to as “moments spent with friends and family” and Hygge is the centre of Scandinavian design.
If we're lucky we spend quality time with friends and family at the dining table so how do we add as much Hygge as we can handle?
Soft but warm timbers like the natural Oak of the Trapez Dining Table paired with minimal and functional pieces like the Large Josie Sideboard will help create clean, long lines in the home. Be sure to declutter and keep only your favorite treasures for the focus to be on negative space and light.
The Scandinavian colour palette is all about creating Hygge and calm home spaces. Grey is a hugely prominent colour in Scandinavian design due to its tranquil feel. soft greys like Head in the Clouds are the perfect choice to create contrast between your light oak furniture pieces. For that quintessential Australian twist add the colours of eucalyptus with soft blue green Inner Self. Or for a toastier take on Hygge try jumping into a creamy latte beige with Fika.
If you're a real minimalist you can always go for a white like Paper Plane, So Fresh and So Clean or Old School for that perfectly paired back look.
It's always good to have a few touches of soft furnishings in your dining space as well. You can utilise so many things from soft floor rugs, upholstered chairs, natural fiber curtains or even just the humble linen napkin.
Bringing the outside in needn't be expensive or difficult. Adding grouped cuttings from the garden will give a natural garden to table feel. Try Rosemary, flat parsley yarrow cuttings or anything that's popping it's head up nearby.