The perfect entry way for a colourful life
Tint Stylist Alexis teaches you how to create a bright, functional and colourful entryway to your home.
They say first impressions count and your entryway is the start of your home. They usually work overtime to store cold weather clothing, sports gear, bags, shoes and more! So help your entryway to help you with these design and colour tips to create the perfect first impression to your home.
Colour for kids big and small for organisation
Kids learn through colour and it's something we bring with us into adulthood. Choose a colour palette to help you and your family to get organised. To make a beautiful palette choose one key colour, a neutral and some beautiful supporting colours for each category or family member.
Hot tip: buy lunch boxes, water bottles and bags in these colours to take you to the next level.
Here’s some palettes to get you started
Protect with Panelling
Panelling is a great option to add some architectural details to your space, and when used in entry ways help to designate the space. Historically it was created to protect walls, so whether you want to make your ceilings look taller or repel indoor football games, panelling might be for you. With lots of different finishes including VJ, batten, scalloped, dado walls - there’s plenty of styles to choose from.
Wainscotting is the result of society putting down their swords and picking up a pen - it’s a little more decorative and although not as solid as panelling, will still help with scuffs and bumps. It can add grandeur, texture and a sense of height so is a great option for entryways.
Skirting also protects your walls from a rouge shoe scuff and can be made into a feature - paint it in a different colour to your walls, or go bold and paint outside the lines!
Select Storage
Storage is so important for an entryway and it’s one of those areas that really benefits from a bespoke approach.
Start with an edit of the items and then audit down to what you really need in your entryway. Be realistic and specific and work out the best way to store all the items for ease.
If you live in a wet and muddy area, provide a space for wet umbrellas and a large tub with a wire brush for cleaning muddy shoes. School backpacks dumped in the walkway? Create a designated storage zone or individual hooks for school bags, so kids are prompted to do the right thing.
A combination of open and closed storage is also good. Closed storage for things you don’t want to look at and open storage for things that aren’t too messy like jackets and the occasional hat. Drawers are a great option for kids as they’re easy to open and close easily.
IKEA have a great range of storage furniture and you can even customise a solution for your space!
Styling is life
For that perfect Pinterest-worthy entryway, add some flair with practical but beautiful pieces like a graphic cushion, or a statement mirror to check yourself as you leave for the day.
Rug Up
Catching mud, dirt and all the other grossness at the door can seem like a challenge at times but rugs can take some of the heavy lifting out of it for you.
Start with a good exterior mat that is good for your conditions to stop as much dirt outside before it crosses your threshold. Inside, opt for a durable hallway runner - the best materials are sisal, jute, seagrass hemp and even synthetic rugs. Don’t forget to consider the cleaning aspect too - an all white rug might only look beautiful for a few days, so plan for mud, dirt and lets not forget our furry family members.
Handy tip: Patterned rugs are really forgiving and hide all manner of sins.
Be my guest
Don’t forget to accommodate a little space for your guests. Good design is intuitive and if it’s clear to your guests where they can put their items and shoes it will make them immediately feel at ease.
In through the out door
Whether your entry is big or small, use design to make your entry work for you. It is the first and last place that you and your guests see in your home so a little effort goes a long way.
If you need some guidance for your entryway, don’t forget you can book a free stylist consultation