Winter colour trends from around the world
As the weather cools, it’s time to heat up your indoor spaces. Our Tint Stylist Alexis has curated a guide on how to leverage the big European colour and style trends for our Australian winter.
It’s no surprise that trends are influenced by world events and the current world events are very different to the ones that have come before. This is causing some incredibly interesting influences this Winter on the little island down under.
It’s never been more important to #supportlocal but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid it. With ships lodged in canals and a pandemic delaying cargo, we’re looking on-shore to make our house a home. People are prioritising Australian-made to avoid lengthy delays but also to keep the economy buoyed. Eco footprint is also being brought to the forefront so “Shop Local” is trending in a big way.
We’re spending more time than ever at home and with rising house prices across Australia, we’re trying to squeeze a little garden in anywhere we can. So this winter, we’ve taken a leaf (pun intended) out of the Scandinavian’s books and brought the outside in. But for those of you not ready to become a Plant Mama, the data coming out of Denmark is supporting a paint-based green interior moment.
Deep green kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, try Proxima B and vintage paintings for a modern country feel. Layered greens in living spaces are also incredibly popular with deep greens like Jungle Look, lighter greens like Puddle and Inner Self mixed with stone grey and soft cream linen for that perfect Japandi Look. Bedrooms also haven’t been forgotten, if you want a lighter warmer green try Snug as a Bug for a soft soothing bedroom.
We’re not just craving the green tones of the outdoors — being trapped inside has shown a big increase in warm neutrals coming through Europe and this has taken no time to filter through to Australia. This has made the warm neutral based trend New Mediterranean gain rapid momentum. Data has mapped the rise of terracotta over the last few years but beiges and ochres are also starting to join in. Think C.R.E.A.M., Fika and It’s Very Beige paired with natural stone, warm deep timbers and rustic hand made tiles.
While some are trying to bring calm to their space, others are trying to bring the party to their place (even if there’s not a big guest list). Data reflects this across many parts of Europe including Italy, Spain, the UK and France and Australia won’t be left off the VIP list. Colour is cool. A huge resurgence of colour is common when coming out of periods of war or recession so why not a global pandemic? A lot of us are gearing up to celebrate with a throwback to happier times. We’re using bold modern colours with a vintage twist, try palettes such as:
For high impact, use every surface as your canvas.
Winter trends don’t need to be intimidating or restrictive — have some fun and bring warmth to your space in exciting and bold ways. Not ready to commit to a full space? Check out this blog article for inspiration on a smaller scale and get rolling!