Tint x RJ Living
Creating beautiful spaces you love to call home.
Over the last few years we've paid more attention to the space we're in, and been driven to create a feeling of ease and comfort in our own homes. RJ Living have put this focus at the centre of their new collection, which celebrates sustainability and personality. So when looking for new paint to refresh their showroom, Tint was the perfect partner.
Here’s how you can create a beautiful space in your home that not only looks good but feels great as well.
Minimal = Sustainable
When we talk about minimal we also inadvertently discuss quality and sustainability. Quality is the bedrock of minimalism because it aims for pieces to be chosen for the long haul. In minimal spaces every piece has to hold its own so it is key that they are designed to exacting standards showing a quality that is visible in every join, seam and finish.
Many of RJ Living’s Melbourne designed range use solid European Oak responsibly logged and sourced from managed forests to ensure constant regrowth, making your furniture choices earth-friendly.
Paired here with Tint’s warm light beige Fika, the solid oak blends into the space while the panelled wall creates light and shade. Fika is the perfect colour to pair with natural timbers as it has a way of working well with all wood tones, it is a great alternative to white walls, highlighting the natural tones of the timber and adding softness to a space.
Peace Train
Clean, unfussy lines pair perfectly with soft warm colours to create that retreat feel that we long to finish our day in. Choose pieces like this Harmony Entertainment Unit for a combination of closed and open storage to hide clutter and create long lines through your living space.
Monochromatic palettes have taken a warm turn, with creamier tones replacing starker whites to ensure our spaces feel welcoming all year round. Black appears mainly in fine detail so as not to overwhelm. This palette is perfect for plant life as the lush green can pull focus and physiologically reduce stress and oxygenate the air.
Texture through soft light play creates depth and dimension. From the panelling painted in Fika to the textured Boucle Swell Sofa and the fine detail of the Embrace Rattan Console there is plenty of contrast to interest the eye.
There’s no one more you-er than you
Express yourself in your space through the things you love. By picking textures, colours and finishes you adore, your space will naturally reflect you — giving the room a little personality.
There is no need to hold back when picking colours and objects to decorate your space, just vary your heights and textures for balance.
If it is feeling a little overwhelming try picking your favourite pieces in the room and pull a colour palette from that, having a rough colour palette will give you a guide to come back to and help everything tie together nicely.
Working here with the darker timbers and terracotta tones, Rocky Racoon is the perfect tan to add interest and depth. In this space it creates a tonal backdrop to the artwork and small decorative pieces. And again it works with tones of the timber, highlighting them in a subtle way.
Speaking of timber, RJ Living's Linear range achieves all the deep tones of Walnut through a rich stained finish on their sustainably sourced European Oak — a clever little choice they made when faced with world-wide timber shortages. Paired here with Rocky Racoon the combination provides warmth and depth.
So as we walk through 2022 let’s embrace life balance more fully, walk the earth more kindly and enjoy our relationships more purposefully — in a space you love to call home.