Interview: Great Wrap
Jordy and Julia at Great Wrap are helping to create a better world with their eco-friendly and Australian-made compostable cling wrap - so when it came time to transform their factory, it made sense to partner with an eco-friendly and Australian-made paint company like Tint!
1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your painting experience — Would you say you're a paint newbie or a Michaelangelo in the making? If you got the job done by someone else, please tell us about them :)
I'm an architect and Jordy is a natural wine-maker. We met at a pub in Fitzroy and 3 months later we registered the business name "Great Wrap". Two years down the line and we are married, have a team of 15 beautiful staff and we're manufacturing compostable cling wrap in our solar powered factory on the Mornington Peninsula (which we gave a facelift with Tint).
I'm a huge fan of a DIY project so I have picked up the brushes many times and am always the first to suggest a facelift. I hand-painted a whole exposed brick house in the past which was way more work than I expected! Jordy on the other hand was a little less seasoned. I had a big vision for a mural and our logo to be painted all over the factory. Unfortunately the job was way too big to fit in the mural but we got legends @jackandjosh to hand paint our logo right over our factory doors. We couldn't be prouder!
2. What was the project you undertook with Tint and how did it go?
We set up our warehouse earlier this year. Our goal is to put an end to petroleum based plastic by 2030. We make products that make this easier for people to do that (from potato chip waste). We had some products made overseas but we weren't able to ensure it was made from the best materials possible or the staff had been treated well. We decided the best way to solve this problem was to make Great Wrap ourselves and set up our own manufacturing facility.
When we got the keys to our first factory we were pretty nervous. The previous tenant hadn't moved out yet and the warehouse was filled with old racing cars that hadn't been driven in years. The outside was even worse. We had been dreaming of our first warehouse for months and after a (long) period of panic I decided we could actually fix it with a lick of paint. (And some SERIOUS hard work)
We are so happy with our factory now since we painted it. The team love it and we ended up shooting some pretty exciting things with the factory as the backdrop - stay tuned!!
3. What was the paint process like for you? Take us through the motions of how you got the job done, any inspo you had for your project...
Super exciting - it was so exciting to see our vision come to life. It's crazy how quickly paint can transform a space. I knew this from architecture but I'd never seen such a major transformation before!
We had the whole team out on the rollers because we decided to use a spray gun which was a lot of fun.
4. Any advice for novice painters who love what you've done and want to try their hand at it?
Don't bother trying to hand paint corrugated walls without a spray gun! We tried with one of the special ripple shaped rollers from bunnings but unless you have 6 years to spend, you'll be there for a while.
5. Favourite thing about your fresh Tint?
Our factory is in an old Apple cool-store. It sits in the middle of an orchard and a few paddocks filled with goats and cows. My favourite thing about our fresh tint is driving to the warehouse and seeing our beautiful space appear from the road. It makes Great Wrap HQ a destination and a place the team love coming to work everyday.