Interview: Maus Haus
And this, ladies and gents, is what we call an epic at-home mural. If this doesn't make you want to throw on some cute coveralls and splash some paint about the house, we don't know what will! Claudia is the woman behind Maus Haus studio. She's an Illustrator, Designer and Muralist based in Brisbane. Read on to hear all about her epic at-home Tinting experience.
Tell us a bit about your painting experience... Would you say you’re a paint newbie or a Michaelangelo in the making?
A 'Michelangelo' in the making would be a crazy compliment! I have been painting since I was three, which has been mostly on artboards, paper, canvases etc. Both of my parents loved to draw and paint as a hobby, so I grew up doing it with them. As far as mural painting goes, I'm a newbie and I found that there's a lot more strategy, time and effort involved with the process.
Talk us through the project you undertook with us and how you reckon it went.
I painted my first mural inside of my home entryway. It was one of my classic colourful landscapes and I think for a first mural it went pretty well! There are definitely some things I will do differently in the future, like having a small step ladder, more brushes on hand and possibly project the design onto the wall.
What was the paint process like for you? Take us through the motions of how you got the job done.
The process was pretty straightforward. I had to put a layer of undercoat on first, then once it dried I taped around the edges. Then I sketched out the shapes that I would be filling in and coded them with the colours I had. Once everything was mapped out I went straight into painting, cutting out the edges with the paint brush and then using the roller and extension pole for the large sky area. While that first coat was drying I would move onto another colour ection and repeat that process until it all had at least 2 coats.
Any advice for novice painters who love what you’ve done and want to try their hand at it?
I would definitely recommend practicing painting as much as possible on smaller surfaces and then work your way up to larger surfaces. That way you can get familiar with paint properties, brush techniques and scalability.
Favourite thing about your fresh Tint?
The colours are phenomenal and have translated onto the wall so well! Also, there was no odour which was very nice considering it's a small space I was working in.
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Hope you enjoyed that and are feeling fab and inspired to get rolling!