Interview: Mulga
Our mate Mulga is the 'Sydney based bearded art dude' we love to collab with, on account of his amazingly bright, fun and all round awesome street murals. Here's a look at one of his latest work, and some insight into the Mulga-Man himself.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your painting experience... Would you say you’re a paint newbie or a Michaelangelo in the making?
I've been painting murals since 2012, back then I was still working in the financial planning industry with a dream to become a full time artist and supporting my growing family. Two years after painting my first mural at Bondi Beach I was able to quit my office job and become a full time art dude, now I'm living the dream. I'm probably somewhere in the middle of a newbie and Michaelangelo.
Talk us through the project you undertook with us and how you reckon it went.
I painted a whole bunch of murals using Tint paint, so far they were at South Sydney High School, a backyard fence at a private residence in Kirrawee, a 10 year olds bedroom in Mosman, in the Budgy Smuggler shop in Manly, at Shore Preparatory School in North Sydney and a street mural in Engadine. And there's more murals to come, follow me on the socials to check them out, I posted photos about all of those ones.
What was the paint process like for you? Take us through the motions of how you got the job done.
Basically I figure out what the client wants me to paint then I sketch it up and once it's approved I go and paint it. Easy peasy. There may be a few steps in between but that's basically it.
Any advice for novice painters who love what you’ve done and want to try their hand at it?
I'd say just do it! If you want a higher chance of success you can plan it out so nothing is left to chance.. Starting small is always good especially when painting murals. Maybe you find an old door on the side of the road or paint a wall in your garage. Have fun with it and experiment.
Favourite thing about your fresh Tint?
I like that it's delivered, that is soooo convenient. I love deliveries! Plus it's good quality.
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Hope you enjoyed that and are feeling fab and inspired to get rolling!