Interview: Pinky’s Store
Designer Emily Green and stylist Beckie Littler run the colourful store Pinky’s in Preston - a celebration of Australian makers and designers and offering ceramics, homewares, jewellery, gifts and kids things galore. So when faced with a blank warehouse next door that was prime for a makeover, Emily & Beckie picked up the paint brushes with help from their friends at Tint.
1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your painting experience — Would you say you're a paint newbie or a Michaelangelo in the making? If you got the job done by someone else, please tell us about them :)
Beckie - I am pretty good at painting, after years as a stylist painting wall flats for photoshoots I would say my roller skills aren’t too bad. Emily - I’ve studied Fine Arts and Textile Design so have had a lot of experience painting on a small scale with gouache and watercolours, not so much on a scale like this though!
2. What was the project you undertook with Tint and how did it go?
We painted a mural on a huge disused warehouse next door to our shop Pinky’s. It has been screaming out for a mural the whole time we have been next door so it was exciting when we finally got permission to paint. Painting outdoors in the Melbourne winter was tough but at least it didn’t rain! It was really fun to crack open the tins of paint and apply the first coat. We loved watching how the piece evolved and changed as each new colour was added.
3. What was the paint process like for you? Take us through the motions of how you got the job done, any inspo you had for your project...
Emily - I designed the mural using procreate - just drawing over a photo of the building on my iPad with the colour palette from Tint as my starting point. In terms of inspiration it was really just and fun play with colour and pattern - something to brighten up the street! To get started with painting we applied base coats of paint using rollers to any areas with solid colour and worked our way forwards - sketching outlines then filling in colours and adding the details last with finer brushes.
4. Any advice for novice painters who love what you've done and want to try their hand at it?
Have a clear plan and make sure your colour palette works for what you're trying to achieve. Also, use good quality brushes and rollers!
5. Favourite thing about your fresh Tint?
The colours look amazing! Everyone in the community has commented on how fun the completed mural looks. Also the fact that the paint has no strong scent is great.