Interview: Sophie Pearce
We love seeing families Tint together—and this awesome cubby house revamp by Sophie Pearce and her little tribe of helpers was no exception! Sophie is the mastermind behind the Our Peace of Paradise blog as well as a co-host on the much loved parenting podcast Beyond the Bump (a must-listen if you've got little tinters of your own). We chatted to Sophie about her (very cute) paint project using Dawn Patrol and Couch Potato, and her tips for anyone else out there who wants have some fun getting creative with colour while stuck at home!
Tell us a bit about yourself and your painting know-how! Would you say you're a paint newbie or a Michaelangelo in the making?
My name is Sophie Pearce and I am the mother of 2 beautiful little girls, Poppy who is 2 and a bit and Goldie who is 4 months old. When isolation hit, I was worried! Poppy and I are usually very social and the thought of having to stay home and entertain a very active toddler day in day out really worried me. So I tried to come up with things that would keep her busy. She has always loved other people’s cubbies when we have gone to their houses so I decided to trick up a pretty boring looking Kmart cubby and she has loved it!
I am absolutely a paint newbie, a DIY novice to say the least so starting this cubby project was a bit daunting. But can I tell you what, I am sooo proud and chuffed with the finished product. The fact that the Tint Accessories Kit had everything I didn’t even know I needed, absolutely saved my ass and made it so easy!
How do you think your project went? Happy with the result?
I painted and accessorised a cubby for Poppy and it went so well, I am so happy with the final result and I actually found the process of painting it extremely therapeutic. She loves the finished result, and is constantly in her shop serving make-believe customers coffee and sausages!
What was the paint process like for you? Take us through the motions of how you got the job done.
For the cubby I did a couple of coats of the Prep paint then I did a few coats of the coloured paint to the main part of the cubby and then a different colour for the windows, door and accessories. Poppy 'helped' me with the Prep paint, so I was super glad that the paint was safe and then when it came down to the serious part — the colour, that was all me haha. I loved the alone time painting the cubby, I would listen to podcasts while I painted!
Any advice for novice painters who love what you've done and want to try their hand at it?
Just give it a go! I thought mine was going to end up 'good from far but far from good' but am so surprised with how it has turned out. Now I am busy thinking about what else I can paint. The kids better keep moving or I’ll paint them if they stay still for long enough!
Favourite thing about your fresh Tint?
It keeps Poppy busy! And I love that the delivery came with absolutely everything I needed!
Hope you enjoyed the read! We love talking paint — email any questions to to get the conversation rolling!