Top tips for painting in winter
Tint's low VOC formula means that you can paint all year round — so we've put together our best tips to finish your painting projects this winter.
The whole Tint range was specially formulated to be low-odour and more than 99% free from air-polluting VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds.
Gone are the days of waiting till the warmer months to give your space a fresh lick of paint. With no smell, and low VOCs, you can now paint no matter the time of year - without risking your health, or letting the cold air in.
So, we've put together our top tips for painting your space (or anyone else's) this winter!
Mind the temperature
The colder temperatures that come with the winter months can seriously slow down the drying time of your paint.
But this doesn't necessarily have to be cause for concern. As long as you keep the temperature above 10 degrees celsius, you're good to go!
With this in mind, we recommend painting during the warmest parts of the day. Adding a heater to bring up the temperature, will help evaporate the moisture in the paint, and speed up drying times.
Tint Tip: for those of you living in warmer states, winter is actually the perfect time to paint! With the humidity at a low, your paint is much more likely to stick to the surface you're painting, meaning a longer lasting finish.
Wet weather doesn't have to ruin the fun
While painting outdoors in wet weather is a definite no no, a little bit of damp can go a long way.
When painting timber surfaces, the wood being a little bit damp will improve paint coverage, and your finish - making it the perfect time to refresh outdoor fixtures like fences.
Just be sure to check the forecast before you start, as any wet weather within 2 hours of painting your exterior spaces will streak the paint.
While we still think it's best (and nice) to open up your windows and get some air moving throughout your space as you paint, you can now rest easy knowing that you're keeping yourself, your loved ones and the planet safe if you choose not to.