What to do with your leftover paint
If you’ve just finished your latest paint project, you might be wondering what to do with your leftover paint?
Tint is committed to sustainability and minimising the impact of our products on the environment, so although you can recycle our paints (read on below about how to do that), we’ve also put together some handy suggestions for how you can store, reuse or share any leftover paint before it gets recycled.
We’ve also included some things you shouldn’t do with any leftovers (hint: don’t pour paint down the drain). Read on to find out more.
Storing leftover paint is a great idea for touch ups around the home from the bumps and spills of everyday life (or while you dream up your next paint project). You can comfortably store your paint for up to a year after you’ve opened a can. Just make sure to create a tight seal, and store it in a cool, dry place while you dream up your next paint project.
Pro tip: pop some glad wrap over the can before sealing the lid as micro gaps in the seal can let air in over time, ruining your paint.
Our paints are designed to be super easy to apply to a range of household surfaces. So, if you’ve got leftover paint from your last project, a great way to minimize your impact on the environment is to think creatively and find something else around the house to paint.
Painting smaller items around the house is extra satisfying because it’s so quick, so upcycling some furniture into a bold statement is our top pick for repurposing leftover paint.
You can also take a look at creating colourful pots for your plants, eye-catching doors and trims, or even stand out shelves for all the little things around your home.
You can find lots of other creative ideas by having a read of our article Where to use our paint.
If you’re not up for another paint project and don’t want leftover paint cluttering up your garage, why not share the love? Ask around amongst your friends and family, or check with your favourite local charity! Your leftover Tint could go towards a colourful crafternoon at the local community centre, or repainting a homeless shelter.
When washed, cleaned and dried, our Tint paint cans are also 100% recyclable through your everyday recycling bin.
However for cans with paint still inside, drop-off your leftover cans to our partners at Paintback® — they’ll take unwanted paint and packaging so it doesn’t end up in landfill and vital waterways. To make things easier, we pay Paintback 15 cents for every litre of paint we sell to cover the costs of recycling for you. So, you can drop off your cans whether they’re empty or not, and they’ll do the hard work for you. To find your nearest Paintback drop-off point, click here.
Made from recycled stock, our packaging is paper based and 100% recyclable, our packing tape included. When flattened, the box also doubles as a great floor protector for paint projects big and small.
When it comes to our sample stickers, consider passing them on to a friend in need of some colour love (we love hearing that leftovers and accessories are shared with friends). But if it’s truly time to go, our sample stickers are readily recyclable.
Just like any paper product, the backing layer can be thrown in with your everyday recycling bin. The colour layer is vinyl, which is easily recyclable in most council areas. For more information on vinyl recycling, contact your local council or visit the Vinyl Council Australia for local drop-off points.
And while they’re not recyclable, our tool bags and painting tools are produced and designed to be reused for many years to come. The tool bag features a handy zip-seal to store and prevent your painting tools from drying out while you take a hard-earned coffee break, therefore minimizing paint waste. The zip-seal is also a great option to store your tools long term so they’re clean and protected while you ponder your next project.
At Tint, we’re committed to ensuring the only impact we have is on your walls, so we’re always looking for ways to do more for the environment. Stay tuned as we bring new and exciting products to the range, to help renovate the way Australia decorates!