Where to use our paint
Our water based, eco-friendly paint is designed to make all your DIY projects better for you and the planet too. Here are some details on how to tackle projects we get asked about often.
Can I use Tint paint on furniture you ask?
You definitely can! We recommend our trim paint for these jobs. It’s ultra hard wearing and won’t chip, making it perfect for a long lasting colour.

If you’re looking for a low-sheen finish, our wall paint works too! For the best result we always recommend to prep with a good sand, and prime any furniture well before painting with our Prep Plus paint.
How about Terracotta pots?
No worries! Our exterior paint works a treat on a range of surfaces and materials. Exterior paint is hard-wearing, flexible and repels dirt and dust. It’s also colour fade and salt resistant, so it stands up against even the sunniest of spots. We recommend you give it a coat of prep first, then apply colour with exterior paint for the best results.
Yep, and bathrooms too.
Our wall and exterior paints are specially formulated to fight mould and mildew where you need it most. That said, you can’t paint over mould and just hope it won't come back (trust us, it will). So, always make sure you’re painting over a clean, dry and mould free surface.

We also recommend using our wall paint on your ceilings if you’re painting wet areas like bathrooms and laundries. For this, our So Fresh and So Clean wall paint is a great place to start.

Bricks work too! Our paint is perfect giving your bricks a splash of colour. Bricks can be super porous so a proper prime and prep is a definite must. This will seal the surface properly, and allow your colour to shine brighter and last longer.
It even goes over oil-based paint - all our paints do!
Sand and prime your surface using our sanding sponge and Prep Plus paint before you splash your colour on. By doing this, you're giving yourself a fresh slate to work with and will be good as gold to go ahead and Tint to your hearts content.
What we’re saying is, if you prep properly you can Tint your space however you like. From semi gloss to satin, we’ve picked the perfect finish for every surface.

Our paint is self-priming so if you’re painting a previously-painted surface, you probably won't need to prime it. But every now and then a coat or two of prep paint is recommended for the best finish.

If you’re painting bare plasterboard, brick, masonry, cement sheet, render or wood, a prep coat is a must. Same goes for painting over obviously marked walls, repaired patches, high-gloss surfaces or darker colours.

And if you’re still feeling unsure, our Colour Crew customer service team is always online to help with curious questions.

Happy tinting!
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