Why we're direct to consumer
At Tint, we’re all about you. Understanding what you paint, how you paint and why you paint, so we can help make decorating your space fun, simple and rewarding. We’re direct to consumer, FOR the consumer and that’s how we like it. One price, all the features.
Unlike most paint brands, our range comes with all the top-end inclusions at no added cost. We’re a first-of-our-kind paint brand that makes everything from finding a colour, to seeing it on your wall easier than ever. Tint paint is easy to buy, and easy to apply.

Being online, we don’t need to factor store costs into your paint - you’re paying for paint, and that’s that. No retail markups. And, we deliver direct to your door.
Other brands often charge more for brighter, bolder colours and it's not cool. We believe everyone should be able to be creative without forking out. Essentially, when you shop with Tint, what you’re paying for is one good option - we don’t stock the shit stuff.
We mix our paint in house, without the back and forth between us and external suppliers. This means we can pass on our low prices and quick turnaround time to you.

Our top-shelf, extra-durable paint is made right here in Australia, and comes with our Tint For Life lifetime warranty. We also promise you love at first can — meaning that if you don’t fall head over brush about your first Tint, we’ll replace your entire order, just like that. Promise.

Not only do we offer our high quality paint at one low price - to help get you painting like a pro, our magical paint matching Pico and giant no mess sample stickers are here to create a fuss-free, super fun experience for you from start to finish.
Now, you can rest easy knowing that your next paint purchase is health, earth and animal-friendly: 99% VOC-free, odour-free, anti-mould, and carbon-neutral. Plus, it’s safe for vegans (yes, vegan paint is totally a thing). All without breaking the bank.
What are you waiting for? Roll with us.