Why you should buy Tint over other brands
Why should you break your 20 year Dulux habit and jump on board the Tint Train? We’re an Australian technology company with our hearts, minds and brushes in paint. That means that while any old paint brand can give you, well… paint — we’ve got you covered when it comes to fun, simple, rewarding experiences that will have you reaching your colour goals in no time (and with an epic smile on your face and a few dollars left in your pocket). What we’re saying is — it’s time to shop paint like it’s the 21st century. Find out why more and more home renovators and DIY enthusiasts prefer to roll with Tint.
Shopping with Tint is oh so convenient.
Gone are the days of lugging heavy paint cans to your car — we are here to do the heavy lifting for you (literally)! We’ve taken painting online, from selection to application, everything you need, delivered direct to your doorstep.

Other brands sell through storefronts that add massive markups (and overwhelming, endless options) along the way. Also, did you know that you’ll often pay more for a can of paint simply because the colour is brighter and bolder? It’s true, and it’s not cool. By cutting out the middleman, we offer products with all the premium features, in a whole heap of beautiful colours, but without the hefty price tag.
Better sampling
Let’s keep this real simple. Why should sampling paint be messy, inconvenient and difficult when it can be easy, fun, and give you a quick and accurate representation of what you’re in for? No reason! Which is why we’ve ditched the old way of doing things, and brought you some epic new ways about trying on paint.
Large, fuss-free Sample Stickers
Our sample stickers are dipped in primer and two coats of our premium quality paint. They’ll not only give you an accurate idea of the colour and how it looks on your wall — they’ll do you one better and give you that idea without any mess. Throw ‘em up, move ‘em around and repeat to your heart’s content. It really is that easy.
In-App Visualiser
Using the Tint App, you can virtually paint your pad in one of our curated colours, or a custom colour if you’re using our colour matching device, Pico. The virtual try-on feature in the app is an absolute game-changer; allowing you to measure and map out your space, automatically calculating how much paint you’ll need, and showing you what your finished wall will look like — before you’ve even picked up a paint brush. Altogether now — 'Tech is cool!'
We keep the good stuff rolling
Here’s the cherry on the cake — our extra durable, premium paint is vegan, cruelty free, super low odour, mould resistant, and 99% free from air-polluting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). All orders are dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse (run completely on renewables btw), so you can keep your family, and the planet safe.
Need advice along the way? We’ve got your back.
Our Colour Crew are here to help! Whether it’s colour inspo or application advice you’re after, we’re here for a chat. Anytime. Anywhere. Hit us up at help@tintpaint.com.au to talk to our friendly team.

If you still need convincing that shopping online for your next paint job is the way to go, we also offer a LIFETIME warranty - if it's not love at first can, we’ll replace your entire order. Promise.
Feeling inspired to get rolling? Go on, you got this!