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Custom colours
Craving your very own tint? Capture the one you want with Pico and we'll mix it up for you.
Pico’s yours for $79, delivered free and redeemable on your first order. We’ll give you a code to use within 30 days – yep, it’s basically a free can of the good stuff!
Scrap the endless reference pics and scrambling through swatches. Just walk up to any painted surface, snap and record it – instantly, precisely and forever.
• Pocket size
• USB charged
• Durable anodised aluminium
• One-button operation
• Connect to the Tint app
• Save all your snaps
Super-small. Super-powerful.
Pocket-size Pico is designed to scan colours in even the tightest of spaces. Packed inside the tiny tool is a powerful sensor that super-accurately records colours by measuring red, green and blue light reflection. It's like holding every colour in the world in your hand.
Pico it forward.
When you've wrapped your Tint project, pass Pico onto a friend. We just want to see the colourful times keep on rolling, while reducing the impact of e-waste on our planet.
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