COVID UPDATE — We dispatch all orders same-day, but just a heads up that there could be slight delivery delays as our courier partners work with increased volumes.
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Frequently asked questions


Where does Tint ship?

To every teeny, tiny corner of Australia – even Bremer Bay, WA. Keep in mind your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

What are the delivery times and costs?

COVID UPDATE — We dispatch all orders same-day, but just a heads up that there could be slight delivery delays as our courier partners work with increased volumes.

All orders placed before 2pm are processed same-day. Orders placed after 2pm are processed the next business day, so add an extra business day to the delivery estimates below.

Sample Stickers —

Express shipping (Metro 1-2 business days): $15 flat rate or FREE if you order 5 or more
Express shipping (Regional 2-5 business days): $15 flat rate or FREE if you order 5 or more

Paint & Accessories —

Melbourne Metro Express shipping (1 business day): $15 flat rate or FREE for orders over $100

Sydney Metro Express shipping (1-2 business days)$15 flat rate or FREE for orders over $100

Adelaide Express shipping (1-2 business days): $15 flat rate or FREE for orders over $100

Rest of Australia Express shipping (2–6 business days): $15 flat rate or FREE for orders over $100

Will my Custom Colour take longer to ship?

Nope! Your unique Custom Colour will be mixed up as soon as we receive your order and expressed shipped like everything we send out. So, you can expect the same delivery times as above! 

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not, we only ship within Australia. 

Do you offer Click & Collect?

We don’t at the moment, but with express delivery your order will never take too long to get to you!

Can I update my shipping address?

You can, but please get in touch as soon as possible, so we can work out logistics before your order is shipped. Contact us at

How do I track my order?

You’ll receive a dispatch email when your order has been shipped. This email will also have a tracking link, so you can follow it until it reaches your door. Alternatively, you can set up a Tint account, log on and track your order.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately we can’t deliver to a PO Box address.

Do you deliver during high heat weather conditions?

Yes we do, but we recommend that our paint is stored within a temperature range of 5-30°, so make sure to bring it inside as soon as possible.


How much paint do I need to order?

Typically Tint paint covers up to 16m² per litre, so one can should cover an area of 64m². You can also use our online paint calculator to get an estimate of what you might need for your space. But if you want to be 100% certain, download our Tint app and use the handy measure tool to map out your space and it will automatically calculate how much paint you’ll need – nifty!

What size are the paint cans?

We keep it simple with 4-litre paint cans.

Can I change or cancel my order?

You can, but please get in touch as soon as possible, so we can work out logistics before your order is shipped. Contact us at

How do I check the status of my order?

Check your inbox for update emails or click on the tracking link sent in the original dispatch email. Alternatively, log into your Tint account to see the live status of your order.

Can I redeem the cost of my Sample Stickers?

You sure can! Tint offers your first 5 samples for $15 with Free Express Delivery — and that $15 is fully refundable on any full purchase of paint.

We will email you a $15 promo code that you can use on any future paint purchase  — yippee! The promo code is redeemable for 30 days.

Can I redeem the cost of my Pico?

Yes indeed! Once you order your Pico, a promo code will be emailed to you for the value of $79 (the cost of a Pico). This promo code is valid for 30 days and can be used towards any full purchase of Tint paint – get snapping those colours! 


What’s the deal on your return policy?

Get in touch if you’d like to return any items. Just contact us at – we’re always happy to help our painting community!

We understand if you simply changed your mind or if you accidently ordered the wrong thing – it happens! So in this case returns can be made within 100 days of your order being received.

However, please check your order when it arrives. Claims made for incorrect supply, short supply, items damaged in transit or any discrepancies with regards to an invoice must be made within two days of the delivery date.

What can I return?

Paint: All cans of paint from our Tint colour range that are unopened, unused and in their original condition and packaging can be returned to us for a $10 restocking fee per can.

Accessories: All accessories can be returned if they’re unused, unopened and in their original packaging. 

Sticker Samples: Once you buy these, they’re yours. Don’t worry though, you won’t want to return them anyway – they’re great!

Pico: A Pico that is unopened, unused and in it's original condition and packaging can be returned. If you have used your Pico and no longer have a need for it, why not share the love and pass it onto a friend?

Custom Colour Paint: Because custom colours are mixed uniquely just for you, we can’t take returns based on change of mind or incorrect ordering. But, of course, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your custom colour, please get in touch and our Customer Success team will find a solution — happy Tint, happy life!

What are your return costs?

If you are returning something due to change of mind or incorrect ordering then return costs to our warehouse in Fitzroy, VIC 3065 will need to be covered by you. Also keep in mind that when returning paint there is a $10 restocking fee per 4L can.

If for some reason the items in you order are damaged, incorrect or faulty, Tint will arrange return shipping and replacement of the affected items. But please let us know within 2 days of receiving your order and where possible document any damage or issues buy taking photos of the items still in their original packaging.

Please note original shipping fees are non-refundable.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. We also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. Unfortunately, we can’t accept cheques.


Why only 70 colours?

Because choice paralysis is a real thing! When curating the range, we realised that quality of colours over quantity of colours was far more important, less overwhelming and really helpful.

Colour specialists used their knowledge and expertise to build the framework for the initial range. But we also used our Pico colour-matching technology – which lets you scan and match any painted surface to create a custom colour – to recognise colour trends based on scans. Our 70 colour range is the perfect mix of design and data.

p.s. Technically we now have 71 colours after introducing the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, Classic Blue 19-4052 TPG.

How do I sample Tint colours?

Our whole range can be tested with our easy, fun and stress-free large Sample Stickers – no messy sample pots here! Each sticker is 21 x 21cm, won’t damage your walls and can be repositioned multiple times.

Why stickers instead of sample pots?

Because we do things the Tint way: simple, easy, accessible and forward-thinking. Messing around with sample paint gets… well, messy. So we invented Tint Sample Stickers, which provide all the benefits of sample pots without the mess and hassle.

Are your Sample Stickers printed or painted?

Our swatches are coated with real paint, not printed (only the colour names are printed over the paint). This means that our sample stickers are not only a true colour match to the paint you will receive, but they also show you the sheen level of our wall paint. 

Where is your paint made?

Tint paint is all Australian made. Then we mix, pack and ship each order from our headquarters in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Who makes your paint?

It takes years and years of experience to manufacture premium paint at the standard we want to provide. So, we’ve teamed up with a group of veterans in the paint game who make the best liquid colour in the country, which is how we create our top-quality, low-VOC paint.

This means all our paint is Australian made. Then mixed, packed and shipped from our headquarters in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

What if I don’t know my semi-gloss from my satin?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is choose what you’re painting and we’ll suggest the gloss level to guarantee a perfect result every time. The Tint paint range is available for Wall & Exterior in Low-sheen, Trim in Semi-gloss, Ceiling in Flat and an all-purpose Prep.

What’s the difference between your Low-sheen, Semi-gloss and Flat finishes?

The terms Low-sheen, Semi-gloss and Flat all refer to the sheen level of the paint – AKA how much the paint reflects light and therefore how glossy it appears. We’ve picked the perfect sheen levels and paired them up with the surface best suited.

Ceiling: Our Ceiling paint comes in a Flat finish (1% sheen level). It’s the only one with this finish, because it scuffs too easily on other surfaces. It’s perfect for ceilings as it hides cracks and imperfections extremely well.

Wall: Our Wall paint has a Low-sheen finish (5% sheen level). Low-sheen paints are great for providing extra durability with a smooth, professional look.

Exterior: Our Exterior paint also comes in a Low-sheen finish (10% sheen level). It’s a slightly higher sheen than our interior paint, but it still has a low-sheen look with more durability.

Trim: Our Trim paint has a Semi-gloss finish (40% sheen level). Being glossier than Low-sheen means it’s more durable and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Do I need to use the Prep paint?

Our paint is self-priming so if you’re painting a previously-painted surface, you probably won't need to prime it. But every now and then two coats of Prep paint is recommended for the best finish. 

Use our Prep paint if you’re painting bare plasterboard, brick, masonry, MDF, cement sheet, render or wood. Prep paint should also be used if you are painting over obviously marked walls, repaired patches (larger than a coin), high-gloss surfaces or dramatically darker colours.

Note – When painting over a high-gloss surface, we recommend giving it a quick sand and clean before you apply the first coat.

Is Tint paint mildew resistant?

Our Wall paint and Exterior paint are specially formulated to fight mould and mildew where you need it. That said you cannot paint over mould and just hope it won't come back - so always make sure you are painting over a clean, mould free, dry surface and follow the correct steps for preparation.

Can I use Wall paint on my ceiling?

You most certainly can. If you feel like adding a splash of colour to your ceiling, then we’d recommend our Wall paint as the best option. It’s a low enough sheen to make it well-suited for the job.

We also recommend using our Wall paint on your ceilings if you are painting 'wet areas' such as bathrooms and laundries. For this purpose our Wall paint in So Fresh and So Clean is a good place to start.

Can I use Trim paint on my walls?

What a great idea! Our Trim paint can definitely be used on your walls. It’s often the best choice for high-traffic areas that get a bit more wear and tear, like your hallway or kitchen.

Can I use Wall paint on my trims?

It’s a big no-no from us. While our wall paint is durable, it’s definitely not designed to be used on trim surfaces that cop a lot more wear and tear. That’s why Trim paint exists – it’s extra hard wearing, so it doesn’t chip when applied to surfaces like windows, doors and skirting boards.

Can I use Tint paint to paint furniture?

Definitely! We recommend our Trim paint for these jobs, because it’s extra hard wearing and won’t chip. But if you want a Low-sheen finish, our Wall paint can work too! For the best result always remember to prep and prime any furniture well before painting with our Prep paint.

Why should I DIY?

Because it’s never been easier when you’re DIYing with us! Get right into it by throwing on some old clothes, grabbing a few mates and watching a space be completely transformed in just a day. Also, hiring a painting service normally sets you back about five times the amount of the paint and supplies.

Is this paint safe for my nursery/child’s room?

It sure is, Tint paint is especially great for nurseries and children’s rooms. Our whole range was specially formulated to be low-odour and more than 99% free from air-polluting VOCs – chemicals commonly found in high levels in most paint products (see below for more details on them nasty chems).

Of course, we still think it’s best (and nice) to open up your windows and get some air moving throughout your space as you paint.

What is a VOC?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. In short, they’re solvents that get released into the air as paint dries and can continue to be released for months to come. VOCs are commonly found in high levels in most paint products. Unfortunately, they can be really harmful to people and the environment, especially in an indoor environment where they tend to accumulate. And that’s why we keep our paint as low in VOCs as possible.

Are your colorants VOC free?

They sure are! Often brands will promote their paint as low VOC, only to sneak plenty of VOCs back in when the paint is tinted to a colour. At Tint we only use colourants with zero VOCs  - so no matter what colour you order your paint will remain super low VOC as promised!

Vegan paint – is it a thing?

You bet it is! Our paints contain no animal by-products and are cruelty-free. Happy animals, happy paint, happy you, happy us.

What’s the difference between exterior and interior paint?

Our Wall, Trim and Exterior paints are all easy to apply, easy to wash, hard-wearing and odour-free.

Whereas our Exterior paint is extra hard-wearing, flexible and repels dirt and dust. It’s also extremely UV resistant and salt resistant, so it can stand up against all of Australia’s wild conditions.

Do you have a fan deck?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. The best way to sample our colours is with our Sticker Samples. So have a browse online and then order the samples of the colours you like to make sure you’re feeling confident in your decision.

Is it true that Tint paint is better for the planet?

We believe there’s no plan(et) B, so yes, we made sure Tint contributes to a better future. And we reckon it’s unethical for brands to charge more for sustainability. Tint paint is water-based, cruelty-free with no animal by-products and more than 99% free from air-polluting VOCs. Plus, our HQ is 100% powered by renewable energy, so you can rest easier about the impact your paint has on the planet.

How can you offer such high quality paints and supplies at such low prices?

For a few different reasons. First being a direct to consumer brand – we’re able to offer premium products at lower prices. Unlike most paint brands, our range comes with all the top-end inclusions at no added cost. Tint paint is easy to apply, easy to wash, hardwearing, doesn’t smell and fights mould. We also don’t charge extra for stronger colours, because we believe everyone should be able to be creative without forking out.

How do I seal the paint can lid?

Try not to dent the lid when sealing up you paint can after use. Small dents can leave air gaps, which affect how the paint stores. Press the lid back into place with your hands and use a rubber mallet to seal it tightly. If you don’t own a mallet (let’s be honest, who does?), then use a hammer with something flat placed between it to soften the blow. We’ve used books and pieces of wood in the past.

How do I store leftover paint?

Once sealed tightly, store the paint in a cool, dry place and it should keep for at least a year – leaving you lots of time to think about more things to paint!

Can I recycle leftover paint?

Tint paint cans can be recycled when washed, cleaned and dried. Otherwise you can dispose of a can with paint inside them through special chemical waste programs like Paintback®. Programs like this recycle the paint and are the best way to reduce waste. Check with your local council to see what facilities are available in your area.

How do I dispose of leftover paint?

Whatever you do, don’t pour it down any drains. Instead, pour the leftover paint back into the can and seal it up. Then store the paint in a cool, dry place. If you don’t want to keep the paint, then use a special chemical waste program like Paintback®. Check with your local council to see what facilities are available in your area.

Custom Colours and Pico

What is Pico?

It’s how we got our foot into the paint game in the first place. Pico is a game-changing piece of technology that lets you scan any painted surface and get the exact paint to match. It’s small enough to fit easily in your pocket and it pairs with your phone or tablet through the Tint app. It’s perfect if you’ve got wall envy or want to touch up an existing surface.

How do I get a Custom Colour?

Simply order a Pico and download the Tint app. Once you have both of these you're set. You scan a coloured surface, we mix the paint to match that unique colour and deliver it to your door – simple!  Just like our Sample Stickers, the cost of Pico is refundable on any Tint paint purchase.

Already know what colour you want? Get in touch with us at and our team will sort you out.

How will I receive my Pico promo code?

Once you order your Pico, a promo code will be emailed to you for $79. The code is valid for 30 days and can be used towards any full purchase of Tint paint.

How do I capture a colour with Pico?

To capture colors using your Pico make sure you have the Tint App downloaded and paired with your smartphone.

Let's capture colour:

Choose the surface you wish to capture

Place Pico directly onto that surface

Press the button and wait for the indicator light to stop flashing

Watch the colour swatch appear on your screen

Virtually try it in your space, favourite or use the custom colour code to order your custom paint through the app or online!

Important: Pico is intended to work on flat painted surfaces that are opaque and non-fluorescent. For best results, place Pico against a flat, painted surface so that no ambient light enters the sensor port.

How do I connect Pico to my smartphone?

First check three things:

1) Is your Pico turned on?

2) Is the Tint App on your mobile device open?

3) Is the Bluetooth on your mobile device on?

If you can answer yes to all the above then your Pico should automatically pair to your mobile device!

Pico uses Bluetooth 4.0 (otherwise known as Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, or Bluetooth Smart). This is not Bluetooth as it used to be - no manual pairing or annoying searching required. Once everything is on  - you devices should simply connect.

Still not working? That's odd! Get in touch at and we will work out why.

What is the smallest surface that Pico can capture?

Pico's sample aperture is 2x7mm in size.

Pico will take an average of colors within the aperture area. In order to take an accurate sample of a solid color, the sample surface should be at least 2x7mm in size.

What surfaces can Pico scan?

For the most accurate colour match we recommend that you scan a flat painted surface.

However, if you are less focused on getting the perfect match and feeling inspired by a surface that isn’t flat and painted, then a great match can still be achieved.

Pico is able to capture a variety of surfaces but in saying this there are some guidelines and restrictions to follow that will optimize the colour capturing process. Below are some examples of commonly encountered surfaces that are not flat painted walls and how best to go about capturing them.

Can I capture rough surfaces?

Most rough surfaces can be captured just like a flat smooth surface. For best results, try and find a section of the surface which is as flat as possible.

For very rough surfaces, such as heavily textured concrete, it would be advisable to take more than one reading to ensure any given reading is not an anomaly due to surface texture.

Can I capture textiles?

Most textiles won't pose any capturing difficulties. However, depending on the kind of material you are trying to scan, you may need to be a bit more careful.

If the fabric is extremely thin, light may leak through the fabric. You may wish to double over the fabric (multiple times if required) to effectively present a thicker fabric for more accurate sampling. If this is not possible, placing a piece of white card underneath the fabric when sampling will also help.

Note: Pico sample size is 2x7mm. Some fabrics (such as those with blended threads or small color blocks) contain more than one color within this area, which presents some difficulty. To accurately capture color, the entire patch must be one solid color.


Does Tint paint have a warranty?

We sure do. Feel confident in your choice with a lifetime guarantee for all our paints.

Do your accessories have a warranty?

They do – 12 months to be exact. But if you treat them with care, they’ll last you many, many future coats.


Who do I contact for customer support?

If you have a question, need help or just want to say g’day – get in touch at


Who do I contact about a press inquiry?

We’re always open to PR opportunities. Get in touch at and let’s chat.


I’m an influencer – who should I contact?

We love collaboration, so if you think we’d work well together, shoot us a message at and let’s chat.

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