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How'd we do it? Simple. We gave a damn about bringing your paint-process from zero to hero. Making it fun, simple and rewarding — every step of the way.
Get some good design in your home. Enjoy FREE shipping on all paint orders 'til this Sunday. Use the code GOODTINT at checkout.
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“A refreshing approach that positively challenges the norms and conventions of an old established category, alleviating real human and environmental pain points along the way. It's a nice application to an often-pedestrian area and a great disruption of a traditional business model.”
— GDA Jury singing our praises
Tint Pro
We’re just about ready to pop the lid on our Tint Pro program.
If paint’s the name of your game or you’re looking for a fresh perspective on colour, apply for Pro status today.
We’ll send some paint perks to roll with right away, and keep you posted on how to seriously trade up with Tint — so you can roll into jobs like it’s nobody’s business (but yours).
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