Colour Stylist SessionFREE
Need a hand picking colours? Our Colour Stylists will create a personalised colour scheme for your home based on the latest design trends, your personal style, and the unique characteristics of your space.
Your colour journey
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No matter where you are in your colour journey, your Tint stylist will prepare a gorgeous colour plan to get the most out of your space.
Your Tint Colour Stylist will help you:
Develop your perfect look
Create your colour plan
Pick the right products
Here's what you're saying
"I'm feeling very inspired! My consult with Morgan helped me feel more confident with my colour choices."
Grace Brooks.
Verified Buyer
"You're gorgeous ! Thank you for your time ♡♡ It's funny because we were sitting on our bed after and I was like "oh, like green could actually work in here" I wouldn't have thought of it myself."
Verified Buyer
"Thanks so much! Feeling very inspired again now after getting totally stunned with all the colours choices. I am now actually extremely happy"
Verified Buyer
"I still cannot get over the incredible experience I had with Morgan and Tint. In my new home, I wanted to create a space that when you walked into it you knew this was my apartment and you felt warm. I wanted fem vibes but I didn’t want it to look too young or girly. Morgan helped me choose colours that matched the feel I was after."
Sam Wilson
Verified Buyer
"I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do but the free consultation with Morgan was still really helpful to help me choose the right tones"
Verified Buyer